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#2 that is some nice effects going on there. Thorsty I think this is one of your best yet. Though, why are we looking at the back of him, some like me who don't watch sports that much couldn't really tell who he was by just looking at the back of his shirt >.>; In some places though I think the light is too much and there's too much on they some ya?


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It's very different from what people have shown on these forums, it takes a little time to get use to, but when you do it's really nice, I am also glad that you didnt put any font on this sig, because it wouldn't fit, showing the back of his jersey is enough. Keep up the great work my friend.


I like the effect but the image itself looks kinda grainy or jagged. It's cool none-the-less.
I love tomlinson very much but to me this sig is kind of plain. 6/10 IMO