PlayStation 1 Tomb Raider


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Who here got into these games? I played the 1st one at my cousins many years ago, and it was a decent game. Had an Indiana Jones feel to it. I never went on to the others though, because I never had a Playstation. By the time PS2 came out I wasn't about to buy old PS games.


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i have the one for Sega Saturn and it was pretty fun but really difficult.

i tried to play the other ones but some of them had effed up controls and i couldn't get into them. and it's a little slow for my taste.

i did happen to play the Indiana Jones game [ demo ] and thought that it was pretty sweet. i plan on buying it, some day.


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We borrowed this game from a friend. I tried playing it, but I always ended up having Lara go around in circles. The training session was real difficult for me even. I found her hard to control. I did watch it many times being played, and I enjoyed the puzzles. And, did enjoy the Indiana Jones / explorer feel to it. The one time I did get her to do a handstand, that was pretty cool. :)


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I play it a little on a friends computer, but never really got into it that much. I don't know why but just didn't get into it. Not the right kind of feel for me I guess.


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I liked it. At first, yes, the controls were difficult... but I got used to it, just like all the other games I spend hours at a time playing.


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I never really got into it. For me, it was just to hard to figure out where you had to go and what you had to do next. I can't say I really liked the controls either. The latest Tomb Raider (Tomb Raider:Legends) is okay though. It fixes the whole control issue and isn't as frustrating ( though the puzzles are kind of hard)