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So, I came across a thread on another forum i'm a member of, asking what it is people read on the toilet, and I had to sit there for a moment with my jaw hanging. I thought it was only a myth that people read on the toilet? So are you one of these people who does.

I sure as hell don't and I find the idea of it slightly weird. I guess it's like people who feel comfortable talking on the phone while they are on the toilet...please don't tell me any of you do that?


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Read, talk on the phone maybe have a sandwich.
Honestly I do sometimes read while doing my morning ritual, I have a couple of fishing books that stay in the bathroom.

I have never done either of the other two I

I dont see anything wierd in it, after all I could be there a while, best to concentrate on a book rather than anything else.


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I don't actually read but I've looked at magazines before like Maxim or FHM. Personally I don't see anything wrong with that, it helps pass the time.


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I tend to either read a comic book or I take my DS with me when I use the restroom. Usually I end up in there for a bit longer than needed though. I like it because it's the one place that I won't be disturbed.


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I generally just let my mind wander because I have a tendency to think of some really interesting things or get a really good idea for something when I'm in there. If I'm in the bathroom long enough to have time to actually read something I would probably be far too concerned to concentrate on the written word.

I can't wrap my head around people who talk on the phone while they're doing their business in the bathroom. That's just... gross. I can't even talk to someone standing outside the door/stall. It's just too weird. Potty time is private time for me and my thoughts.

Okay, well, I have talked to Barbara whilst on the potty, but we were drunk so that's different. *lol* When we're on the phone I usually accuse her of making me have to poop and then I put the phone down to go. XD
We keep a couple magazines in the bathroom. As the other said- it passes time. I always put them a certain way on the counter behind the sink up against the wall and they're always moved a different way. My friends always joke that they like that I keep the new issue and the issue from the month before hand in the bathroom cause they never finish reading the older one.

I've been on my bluetooth but I put it on mute if I go to the bathroom. It's just awkward.

I know people who use the phone/get on their laptop though... That's just weird to me... Think of the germs and the sounds you might make or something??? lol


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Thats fucking weird, I'm dropping a duce right now. Thats right: I use the computer on the shitter. I also read basically anything I enjoy reading on the toilet. I've never talked on the phone or eaten on the shitter. (SQUEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!)


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I am never in the loo long enough to read anything. I have tried a few times to take a book that I was reading beforehand with me but I read a paragraph and then I'm done.


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I always read when on the toilet. I have to, for some reason.

There's two editions of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader in my bathroom.


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You see... I'm fast when I'm in the bathroom. I do NOT want to spend more time near a toilet than I have to. I go in, do my business, wash my hands, and gtfo.

So no. I don't read on the toilet. I wouldn't have the time while I was trying to get the heck out. :/