Toilet Habits


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For guys, this only applies to when you drop a deuce, (or if you piss sitting down like a lady) and for ladies, this SHOULD apply to all the time. But, when you're done doing your business, do you pull your pants up then flush, or do you flush then pull your pants up?

For me, personally, I'm the paranoid kind of person that I always pull my pants up. I don't want the toilet to over flow and be caught with my pants down. Literally. So, I always always ALWAYS pull my pants up first then flush the toilet second.


I think we should create a thread about how many breaths we take when we poop.
Or what we think about when we pee.


seriously, this thread is very weird.
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The Hierophant
Weird or not, you failed to answer my question. If you want to make a thread about how many breaths you take when you poop, or what you think about when you pee, then do it. But don't turn my thread into a subtalk thread. I'm honestly curious about this.


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I'd like to second the "creepiness of thread" motion. ;) lol

Yeah, not going to answer that one.


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Y'all are a bunch of prudes! I don't understand what's so creepy/weird about this question. It's not like I'm asking how large your deuce is or even if you ever HAVE backed up a toilet before. All I'm asking is after you're done if you pull up your pants before or after you flush. Everyone poops, everyone pees. The only thing that makes you weird is you being weird about it.


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Hey! I think this thread is OK.....You're curious, so you ask.......nothing wrong with that! This thread is in the same vein as other threads I've seen around.
Anyway, to answer your question, I always pull my pants up first before flushing (a habit I guess). I wouldn't sit and flush for fear that I could be splashed by the water from the bowl.
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I pull up my pants first. Its easier to turn around and flush with them pulled up. Less chance of tripping I suppose.

Also, I HAVE sloughed out a doogie big enough to plug the toilet lol.


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I angle myself so that when I poop, it arcs just perfectly and makes a big splash. Projectile Shitting is the wave of the future man.

But really? It IS quite an odd question :lol: but yeah I pull 'em up before flushing for the same reason.


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Like I said, weird or not, I was mostly wondering if I'm the only person that pulls my pants up before I flush because of my paranoia. Glad to see that I'm not the only one. And thanks guys for actually taking this thread seriously. :p