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So is anyone here that's in Latin have a "Toga Day?" Toga Day at my school is where the teacher allows the students to pick a diety to dress up as on TD. Basically we make a toga and come up with props so that she will be able to accurately guess who we are.

Today was Toga Day here. ^_^

I dressed up as Iris, Goddess of Rainbows and messenger to the gods. I had on this badass toga with this rainbow-y material that I used as a belt, then this draping clothe on my legs, then as this scarf thing. I also had this cheap ass wings. -.-; Next Halloween I'm splurging on a pair of kick ass ones. Just so I can OWN a pair of wings.

What was great was that while walking to Ms. G's (Latin teacher) room, (all dressed in my toga, I wore it the whole day) these random guys started to chant, "TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!" XD

Man, in first period my teacher was giving me that, "wtf are you wearing?" while having that have smiling/laughing/wow look on her face. lol

Then in 2nd period it was the same thing.

Then in lunch it was spent getting my friend DJ ready. His toga was WAY too long, but we were able to fold it. In the end it looked like a blouse and a mini skirt. lol He was Orion, so we put a bunch of stars on him. He only had orange, yellow, pink, and purple ones. So he looked gaaaay. XD

In third period my friend Jordyn kept going on and on about how pretty I look. Then this one chick who I barely talk to said that I look pretty with or without make up.

I love her.

Then this OTHER random chick who I've never talked to said I was looked beautiful and that I should do my hair and make up like that everyday. ^^

Then in 4th period this one girl said I was gorgeous. Then these two senior girls kept looking at me, which was kind of weird... But then one said, "I know I keep looking at you, but you look totally different. You look really pretty... Just so you don't think I'm weird or anything." Then her friend behind her agreed. ^_^

So yeah, today was AWESOME.


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I'm so dressing up with a toga for Halloween. I can't stop thinking of Jonny B in Animal House (who I kinda look like).

But good for you, you might get some ass out of this whole day. If there are too many women, you can always invite me over to the orgy.


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For a second there, I thought you were talking about that '70s film about Pearl Harbour. Then I realised that was Tora! Tora! Tora!...


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Toga Day would be something the seniors would do on their last year of high school. I forgot what day we did it on, mabe it was the Friday of Spirit Week.....but man, it was a lot of fun ^.^



rainbow 11!
lol My dad took some on my sister's camera.

But I don't have that cord to upload it.

Then there is the question of whether or not I'll show you. ;]