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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by merob, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. merob

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    This is a pretty serious topic for me on two levels.

    This sting of weird natural occurences are begining to freak me out. Starting with the psunami incodent, we've seen a series of mud slides, followed by an extremely late winter, the flood in New Orleans, several snow storms, and now a series of tornados(exceptional for tornado season). Not to mention, it snowed a few days ago in 50 degree weather. I'm frightened mainly because conditions dont seem to be getting any better.

    On a religious level, many people are refering to this time period as "the end". I'm not to kean to the belief but I'm able to respect it.
    -some of you may remember the space ship that exploded 2 years ago. The ashes/flame from the explosion were clearly depicted falling in palestine texas.
    -an estimate of 100,000 people weer killed in the psunami incodent - a number simular that mentioned in the rapture.
    -Now natural disasters "there will be many wars and rumors of wars + natural disasters..."

    It may quite be the end according to the bible. I'm going to enjoy every day as I normally would, however a slight part of me is moved by these events.

  2. It was almost 250,000 killed, some are still labeled missing, but they are dead, in the Tsunami's....and the Bible refers to 144,000 martyr's, it does not mean that only 144,000 people will be saved.
  3. Blur

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    all i know is those tornados were mad...i lost my damn motherboard to one of those storms. fried to bits
  4. Uber_mutt

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    Human beings have been destroying the earth lately now with the search for oil and other precious natural resources. I think that this is just the earth's way of fighting back. An eye for an eye of sorts.
  5. Merc

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    Give me a break, we've been beating the Earth up for the past few centuries. I'd say the Earth is a little late to the party if it's going to start fighting back now.
  6. Well the Earth has been "fighting back" ever since recorded history began basically, so I see no real reason for anyone to worry. Wars have always happened, as have natural disasters.
  7. Uber_mutt

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    I didn't mean recently as in yesterday, I meant basically since man has been searching for resources. So yes the past few hundred years.
  8. Man has been searching for resources for millions of years, just did not pollute as much back then.
  9. merob

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    I can't see the earth "fighting back". The way I see it, we've created a recipe for disaster by influencing the natural environment. If anything this is the earths way of adapting to these changes. When you get down to the bases of our views, we're pretty much saying the same thing; I just wanted to add in my 2 cents.
    It's not quiet the resources we're searching for, it's the ones were already using. Space shuttle launches, neculear testing, factories and car pollution have been a major contribution to these changes/disasters. I remember reading in national geographic there's something being done to the earth it's self as of lately that's putting too much pressure on the crust.

    THis is unrelated

    Since most of this started as a result of the earth quake which lead to the psunami incodent, I wonder what caused the quake in the first place.
  10. Pugz

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    The island was near a fault line...or something like that. I forget my geography.

    As for natural disasters...well...things are a little nuts here too. There was a tiny quake in Birmingham a while ago which was weird because England isn't on a fault line. The winds are picking up and it's raining a lot...wait...that last one is normal. And there's snow in April...i don't think i've ever seen that before. o_O plus it's getting a hell of a lot colder!

    It's suppose to be leading to the end of the world on the 6/6 this year...wait...aww man ><

    Anyways, thats my 2p!

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