Today is not my day


Son of Liberty
I'm pissed off.

I cant get my gawd dammed piece of Shit new PC game to work (fucking hate you vista)

I spilled coffee all over myself this morning and now my leg is damp and just feels icky.

The internet here at the office is being updated at our Server down the street so it keeps burping and causing my Downloads to corrupt/fail.

GRRRRRRRRRRR asldfjoeoeianscvaoeoawelasdlasdhjfasd
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ps... I want this t-shirt


It's not me, it's you.
I was going to say that you don't have the proper equipment to fill out the shirt...but I forgot about your glorious moobs.


Lion Rampant
I like the fact that this ad showed up in Tommy's thread.

During a stern face-to-face about him pissing on the kitchen floor, PeeWee just pissed on my bare chest. It's a decent enough metaphor for the day.

I was going to take a picture pre-shower, but was concerned that it might seep into my skin and I'd taste it.

Today is not my day.
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still nobody's bitch
who the fuckityhell is PeeWee? and if that's his name, what the fuckityhell do you expect him to do?


Lion Rampant
You guys don't know P-Diddy Squiddy?

@J: we called him PeeWee because he fit in my son's shoe as a pup. A sick and sad coincidence is all that's left of those innocent days.