Tocchet, former NHL player and coach, pleads guilty in gambling case


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MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. (AP) -- The case began loudly in February 2006 when New Jersey authorities announced a former hockey star and a state trooper had been charged with running a gambling ring that had ties to organized crime.
Wayne Gretzky was dragged into it, along with his actress-wife Janet Jones, on the eve of the Turin Olympics. But it was settled with little fanfare Friday as the former player, Rick Tocchet, pleaded guilty to promoting gambling and conspiracy to promote gambling in a plea deal that may spare him jail time.
The case looked much milder at the end than it did 15 months ago, when it appeared it might inflict a serious blow to a sport that was struggling to regain fans after a season-long lockout the year before.
But the worst suspicions were not substantiated. There didn't seem to be mob ties or betting on hockey. No other hockey figures are being charged or will have to testify in a criminal trial. "I'm sure everyone recalls the manner in which the case was initially announced and described," said Kevin Marino, the defense lawyer for Tocchet. "I think (Friday's) proceeding speaks for itself.";_y...c5nYcB?slug=ap-gamblingring&prov=ap&type=lgns


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This really does not shock me. I mean we all know that he was one of the ring men in the whole thing but really I think he's not alone. I mean there is no way he could have done this alone and im sure that Gretzky's name will be thrown into the mix somewhere as well.