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To wear a mask or not


Sally Twit
If I had to wear it constantly I'd complain about it, but to just nip in and out of a shop it's no big deal. If people don't wear them and have no good reason then they are quite frankly selfish. There are certain places where it is mandatory, and I know people pretend they have health conditions to get out of wearing them.
You are saving lives by wearing them, so what could be more important than that?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
We went to Six Flags...we were there like 5 hours and I survived having a mask on mostly the entire time (they did have places where you could take it off and sit down) so it can be done. Rebecca went to the UK last month and had to have it on for the entire 8 hour trip, she survived.

It's annoying, sure, but everyone will be fine.

I will say, however, that if I had to wear it allday, everyday, that would suck


New Member
I wear a mask 24/7. It's called copious amounts of vitamin C, D and zinc. Other than that I wear a cloth mask anywhere it's mandated such as Costco. It's a germ factory and I'm a lot safer with it off.
Same here, I take vitamins too, I take them all year round and if I do get a cold then it's not as bad with taking vitamins, I also wear a face mask and disposable gloves when I'm out and about, especially shopping.