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To wear a mask or not


Secret Agent
Staff member
Wearing a mask during COVID has become pretty divisive, with people now taking sides and sometimes getting ugly about it.

How do you feel about wearing masks? Do you wear one? Does it upset you when you see somebody going without one?


Well-Known Member
Wearing a mask is not the hardest thing in the world, and honestly there are other countries that do it (mainly Japan and other Oriental sided countries) that wear masks socially when one is sick. Yes, a mask will not 100% be effective with airborne cotangents of COVID or other harmful airborne toxins, but at the moment, it's one of few items we have available that is at least a small preventative, especially when out in public.

I wear one, I work two jobs that require it despite social distancing from co-workers and all. I don't see it as a bother, another to wear a mask almost literally 24/7, but it's not the end of the world all around.


not a plastic bag
I wear a mask 24/7. It's called copious amounts of vitamin C, D and zinc. Other than that I wear a cloth mask anywhere it's mandated such as Costco. It's a germ factory and I'm a lot safer with it off.


Registered Member
I always wear a mask when I'm out in public for the safety of others. And in return, I expect everyone else to also wear a mask when they are around me as well as around others.

I've think I've heard that some people with certain health conditions can't wear a mask. But aside from those folks, I say wear a mask. It's not a hard thing to have to do, like Shwa stated.


Son of Liberty
It doesn’t really do much to protect you. But I wear one where it’s required, so every public place, like a restaurant or grocery store. They have the right to demand you wear one. The city, county, or state does not.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I wear it, sure. Most places these days mandate that you do anyway.


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I wear one whenever I'll be about 8 feet or less from other people. I also wear one if I'm in an area where there are a lot of people (even if I can stay 8+ feet away from them) or if I am in an enclosed area where other people will be or will be walking through.

I'm pretty much able to walk the dogs or bicycle in our neighborhood staying at least that far away from others. So I have a mask with me when I go out to do those things but I rarely have to use it.


Registered Member
Yes, we wear masks whenever we go out in public. Take a look at this photo - it's winter, so you can see people's breath. In the summer you can't see people's breath, but it follows the same habits as it does in the attached photo - EVEN if you can't see it.ExpelledBreath.jpg


Registered Member
Once in a while, before entering a building, I'll get out of my car and accidently forget to put my mask on. Then just before I'm about to enter the building, I'll remember that I forgot and I'll run back to my car and put on a mask.