To those who say it will never happen...

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  1. pro2A

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    Video inside: Opposing Views: VIDEO: Virginia Man Shoots Intruder During 911 Call

    The audacity to tell a man to put down his gun after he just defended himself from a deranged man trying to break in... :mad: Side note: you dont hear it on the video, but the homeowner gave the man 3 warnings not to enter, that he had a gun... and the idiot still entered.

    Can you honestly say that homeowner would still be here today if he did not have that gun to stop the man dead in his tracks?

    What the fuck is this country coming to? "Put the gun down"?!?!
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  2. Malificus

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  3. Mirage

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    I think he is referring mostly to the fact that there are people who are against using a gun for self defense, or people who think guns should be locked in a safe at all times.

    I posed a hypothetical question in another thread and I was basically called a lunatic for that "what if" scenario. Well this 911 call and story is exactly the "what if" that I had asked.

    Major kudos to the people who shot the intruder. Clearly the intruder was out to kill them.

    1. The people yell at him "Stop, we have a gun".
    2. The guy picks up a chair and smashes their glass, while they stand there screaming.
    3. Then what?

    They made the right call in shooting the guy and not finding out what happens next. Nobody smashes into a house knowing full well that there are people home intending only to steal a TV or whatever. He was clearly there to hurt or kill them.

    I wouldn't put the gun down if the 911 operators said to do so. For all they knew there was somebody else with the guy who would come in next.
  4. micfranklin

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    And this is an example of how good life can be when the law and common sense go hand-in-hand. So now the next home intruders who decide to break in will get the same treatment....
  5. Kazmarov

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    I've always found the term 'justifiable homicide' to be a floaty, bullshit term.
  6. Mirage

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    Oh give me a break. The guy threw a chair through their back door knowing full well that not only were people home, but they had a gun.

    It comes down to kill the guy or let him kill you. This guy did what was right to protect his family.

    I consider letting intruders kill your family to be simply out of the question. It should be prevented at all costs, including killing the intruder.

    Seriously though, what else should the guy have done?

    Normally there could be a few legitimate viewpoints on an issue. In this case it's really hard to find any logic in not shooting the guy besides the "Let's all be friends and killing is always bad" mentality. Now THAT'S BS if you ask me.
  7. icegoat63

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    Just curious, how so?

    As far as I'm concerned a death that originates from self defense is unfortunate, but if that's how the situation happens then so be it. I have no sympathy for someone who disregards the warnings and just continues on a path to maintain their selfish goal.

    The only one to blame here is the intruder who had more than enough opportunity to make the proper decision but continued on a selfish, destructive path, forcing the homeowners into an even more unfortunate situation.
  8. Bananas

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    How do you know this was the intuders motives?

    There may be a legitimate reason, who knows? the guys dead, who cares! Either this story proves that guns are not a deterrent or that the intruder had a motive or a vendetta to get into that property real urgent, but like I said we will probably never know.
  9. Mirage

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    That's exactly why he should have been killed. Considering the only way of finding out his motives would have been to wait and see... I think it's safe to say it was best to take preventative action. So the homeowner waits a bit and the guy kills his wife. Oh ok. Now it's safe to say that killing the guy is ok? I'm sorry but there was no way for them to know his intentions. It was definitely safe to assume he was there to cause serious harm or death. You don't smash your way into somebody's house while they are home and then steal a TV.

    Is it really fair to expect the family to find out the motives? I mean the guy smashed his way into their house knowing people were home while they screamed on the phone to 911.

    I ask you this. Can you even think of even ONE thing this guy might have smashed his way into their house to do besides killing people? Even if you can, would you take the "he's here to kill people" option off the table? If not then how can anybody expect these people to take a gamble on this?

    Clearly he was a maniac. I can't think of a single thing. I would have shot the guy as well. If somebody smashes their way into your house, you simply can't be expected to ask them what their intentions are. To me, it was obvious that this guy needed to be stopped as soon as possible in order to save the lives of those living in the house.
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  10. Tucker

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    I'd have shot him, under the circumstances, if a gun was the best protection I had. A non-lethal solution, however, had one been available, would have been a more evolved course of action. Just because a man is out of his mind, it doesn't automatically make his life worth nothing.

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