To the people who used to be gamers


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If you live, breath, eat and sleep videogames, this thread is not for you.

I used to do all of the above. I couldn't get enough of games. I played them every chance I had.

Then around 8 or so years ago I really started cutting back. I don't think I've played a videogame at all in the past year. If I did it was only for a few minutes at a friends place or something. Thinking back though, even in the last 5 years I've hardly played them.

I just got bored of them. As fun as they were I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. Strange because that's kind of the purpose of games but for me I couldn't find a reason to continue playing them. I just can't enjoy them anymore.

I can talk about them though and I still get psyched for new games but for some reason when they come out I never find time to play them. :lol:

Is anybody else here the same way?


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Me. I guess I lost my passion for gaming after Xbox. I have a 360, but I rarely buy new games for it. Part of it is because the games are more expensive now, but also because there aren't many games I get excited about. A lot of the games I do get I quickly lose interest in, like GTA IV I still haven't finished. And I recently got Bioshock, and it's a fun game, but I'm hesitant to actually play it. I always find other things I would rather be doing.


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I was like that for about 3 years, because gaming was pretty stale for me, since it just clear that I was never going to get a 360...and after I did last christmas....I got back into it.

Now I play games every once in a while for hours on end, at the moment I'm playing Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed.

My favorite gaming years would always be during the N64 era, first time I truly enjoyed gaming.


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I didn't play many video games when I was employed and busy. I pretty much only would play video games on Sunday and I would have to set aside a time to play (mostly Halo 3).

In college, I would play games between classes or use it as some downtown.

Now that I have the free-time I usually play video games at one point in the day (if I have something new I will play more longer).

I find playing single player video games relaxing. Comparable to watching a TV show or movie for most individuals (I don't watch hardly any TV by the way).

For multiplayer games I just like the competitiveness and playing with friends. Although, I do find that if I sit and play video games for hours and hours in a day I feel like I accomplished nothing and I need to do something else. Other times it can be really fun.

Hybrix, you probably never purchased a next-gen console and that is probably why you lost some of your passion for gaming. It could be that just becoming older and more mature that you find video game accomplishments trivial.

They are trivial, but at the same time I feel proud about some of my xbox achievements, and my Halo (FPS) gameplay.

Usually I take the approach that once games are no longer fun, I will stop playing them. Many games I have are shelved and I havent played for ages due to lack of interest/time.

Most of the games I play now I still find fun, challenging, and competitive. That is why I play them.


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I'm sort of in that boat. My brothers and I used to split the cost of games, but now that they're in college, we don't do that any more.

Also, a lot of the games I get into are the sort of games where I want to take the time to be really good at them (like Smash Bros). I can only do that with so many things at once.