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SO here's my problem it started with a day going good i was gonna get laid so after going through my trials and ordeals it happens. After i was scared out of my life cause i thought i got that girl pregnant thank God i didn't but after that i was scared straight. So after that long walk to school and home I started praying that i didn't get her pregnant and yada yada yada. I also started making promises such as i will not have sex again, look at a girl with sexual intentions, not look at porn, and stop masturbating. Yes i have been sucessful at not doing any of that stuff. So now im having a meltdown where weed doesn't help much. So after some time after that inciddent i start to get sexual urges again im seeing so many things sexual related and it's driving me crazy literly. It's like every where i turn and look and watch on tv, I'm seeing more than usaul sexual related stuff. And now im thinking was i wrong to make thoses promises. Because I'm a wreck and i kow it could happen in the future cause each day my urges get stronger why is this happening. :confused:
Seriously? From what I understand God isn't in the business of making bargains, therefore your promises meant nothing.
Go have a happy tug on me and stop being ridiculous!



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why is this happening. :confused:[/COLOR]
It's called biology. It's part of that "science" thing that God apparently hates so much. Go whack off already. You had one scare, I've had one too. Just be cautious, that's all. And go beat the bishop already before you rape someone out of desperation.


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Okay, step away from the bubbler and pay attention. I'm going to give it to you straight.

First mistake: saying to yourself, "Oh, boy, I get to go fire my gun," instead of, "I'm going to be shooting at somebody. There could be consequences." Hopefully you'll remember that and invest in a condom or two.

Second mistake: asking God for help after you've shot your load. You wouldn't stab somebody and then say, "Help me, Jeebus! Make the wound close up," would you? Of course not, because praying won't undo what's already done. If you're a religious person, perhaps a prayer of thanks now for having been taught a valuable lesson (see: 'First mistake') might be more appropriate.

Third mistake: trying to smoke away your anxiety and guilt feelings with something that's infamous for giving people the 'noids. Try Bacardi 151 next time. Better still, alter your mind only when you don't need it for thinking.

Fourth (and biggest) mistake: blaming sexuality itself instead of admitting your recklessness. You were born with a penis; be good to it. Just remember the math: sperm plus egg equals daddy.

There's the 411. Use it wisely.

And work on your thread titles.
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cannot abort if pregnant?
Speaking of the girl, what did you do after she let you deposit your wriggly boys in her sacred area (assuming that you did have her permission to do so)? Did you cut her off and toss her away like she was the ass end of a carrot, or are you still on friendly terms?