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To scroll, or not to scroll?

I thought it was going to be

  • good, and wasn’t disappointed!

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  • bad, but was really surprised cos it is awsome!

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  • free. So I never played it, but wanted to be part of this poll

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Secret Agent
Staff member
Who else here uses a scroll mouse? I waited until about 2003 or so before finally getting one, and for the longest time I didn't even use it when I had it.

Now I can't go back. The $20 I was saving by not upgrading sooner was not worth the time it takes to scroll.

Anyway, what kind of mouse do you use?


what? no pink?
I was the same way for the longest time I had the scrolling button but never used it. Once I finally started using it and getting used to it I use it all the time now. When I am somewhere that they don't have a scrolling button I miss it LOL


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I love mine!!!! It has the advanced trackball on the thumb too....
This thing is great for multipul screen fliping and fast tracking for graphics...
It's even in the shape of your palm...Makes it easier to work with:)
I don't know how I did it without this handy little sucker.:lol:
Took me a while to get used to it ( All the extra buttons and scroll bars)
But I love it...


Registered Member
I despice a mouse with side buttons. Top two (right and left clickers) and a scrolling wheel! Infrared of course :D I always end up accidentally clicking the side buttons on those other mousies!


Registered Member
I was a big hold out on the scroll thingy too. I think it was until I got this laptop? Everyone told me I'd love it but of course I didn't listen. Then I wanted a small mouse to use on here and that's all they had. Like you all I won't go back to one without. Yes, optical of course. (although what I'm going to do w/my collection of Disney mousepads I'm not sure..... ;) )


Well-Known Member
I thought that sunshine would be a good game it looked pretty decent to me but then I got it and couldn't believe how dumb it was, it was such a disappointment that to this day it's the only mario game that I really got into and never finished save super mario galaxy which I am working on right now.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I use a full trackball mouse. My previous mouse (with scroll) was starting to pack up, so I switched to this old one.

Kinda miss the scroll, but I can live without it.

Oh, and, er, Dave? What's that gotta do with mouses?!


Problematic Shitlord
Yeah I was going to ask the same thing, Dave.

I have a scroll mouse and fairly decent one. Although, I won't lie, I want the fancy ergonomic Microsoft one. It's comfy!