To run dictionary without CD--

Recently I purchased an English talking dictionary (oxford), but when i wanna hear the pronunciation, it requires CD. So when put CD, it's ok. But it makes me uncomfortable, coz i need to use most of time. So always I have to put CD in the pc.. I tried to copy all data in CD to hard disk and run from hard disk, but still it requires CD. Is there any solution, to run this dictionary without CD?

Is there anyone to help me please!


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Unfortunately most CD-Rom's require a custom no-cd crack for it to be able to run properly.


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Just keep the CD in the drive, or did I miss something? Stop removing it so it won't keep asking you for it. Other than that, you're looking for a No CD crack which is illegal for us to supply you with.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I agree with Constantine, just leave the CD in the drive. Why do you take it out when it's obvious that you will need it? It doesn't hurt to leave a CD in the drive.


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On the internet there is a vast wealth of resources. Do away with the CD and look online. A lot of dictionary websites will say the word for you if you click the link.