To put it bluntly: Who's Side Are You On?

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  1. Boredie

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    Regarding the conflict in the middle east.
    Your thoughts are welcome.
    Please watch both to comment.

    This one in "favour" of Arabs
    YouTube - Palestine, Gaza .. and the Israeli crimes -We will not go down- ?????? ???

    This one is in "favour" of Israel
    YouTube - Israel is a victim of Palestinian Terrorism & Islamic Jihad

    Edit: Before I read any responses, I want to say that I changed the title of the thread, since the word victim was stuck in my mind after watching the videos, but what I really want to know from you is what is your stance on the whole issue.
    Is Israel in her right or wrong? Have the Palestinians really been wrong footed or are they trying to completely get rid of the state of Israel?
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  2. Bananas

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    Both parties are a victim to each others heinous crimes. To have victims you must have villains. The villains are;

    Palestine for using terror tactics and the continuous use of its non-forgiving, relentless and unnegotiable campaign of violence.

    Israel for using uneccesary and excessive force whilst trying to hypocritical justify its actions.

    Who is the bigger villain? One might be more predominantly evil in its tactics but the other certainly throws bigger punches.
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  3. ExpectantlyIronic

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    The primary victims are the innocents injured, and the families of those killed, on both sides.
  4. FindMuck

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    The Palestinians are the victims, the Israeli government is taking action against Palestinians that they admit are apartheid, they violate the law of proportional response, the government allows Israelis to kick Palestinians off their land and kill them if they want the land (settlements) Palestinians in Israel need to apply for a passport to live there even though their families have lived there for hundreds of years. The government makes Palestinians inside Israel live in increasingly tighter poor ghettos and they blockade and starve Palestinians in Gaza even though it violates a treaty that Hamas made to bring peace to the region. Anyone who sees this as anything less than it is - a crime against humanity - is delusional or being lied to.

    If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
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  5. Boredie

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    Um, the government never allowed a killing of an innocent palestinian to take his house, for the sake of taking his house.

    Palestinians need a passport for Israel, since they are not Israelis. It would be like that in any country.
    Hamas has done a poor job taking care of their own people, the Palestinians in Gaza. Israel withdrew from Gaza to make peace, and allow the palestinians to live under their prefered rule. One needs to turn to Hamas to settle the ghetto problems, not to Israel. Hamas is being given money from all over the world to take care of their people, and so far it seems they are not doing a good job.
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  6. pro2A

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    Israel. Plain and simple.

    Reason being Israel is one of our strongest allies, and the United States (regardless of what our President thinks) is at war with terror... which in my opinion includes the Palestinians. I'm surprised Israel shows as much restraint as they do.
  7. Boredie

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    World opinion makes a difference to actions that should have been taken, or those which are thought of. The Israeli government is a puppet to the US government and does what it is told like a good dog. True there are times when Israel takes action without the consent of the US, but by not acknowledging these actions then the world is free to blame Israel solely for their actions. And the Israeli government cannot afford to lose face to world opinion. Puppets.
  8. FindMuck

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    What exactly are the settlements doing, because I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they're doing...unless you want to play semantics and say that they are taking the land instead. Same shit same smell.

    So if someone walked into your house, claimed your living room, and then made you get a passport just so you can go in the living room...if that's democracy then damn, terrorism isn't really much worse.
    What are you talking about they went in and killed 1200 innocent civilians.
    Actually no, Gaza is like an open air prison because of the Israeli blockade, some people can only get water 4 days a week. The blockade is breaking a peace treaty that Israel signed. Hamas has not broken any international laws, Israel has.

    That's like blaming Latin America for its problems when they're really all because of foreign imperial powers such as the US. Please don't tell me you are actually that blind.

    What are you talking about, Israel makes streets in Gaza that Palestinians can not drive on, they bomb Gaza and they use white phosphorus on kids, that is not Hamas' fault. Israel put up a blcokade and is starving Gaza of resources that's not Hamas' fault. Like I said if Israel wants Hamas to help their people they better recognize Hamas as their representative, and not a terrorist group.

    You clearly know nothing of the history of the region which is sad for someone from there, because your statements are too general. You are indoctrinated. Please read up and then come back with an argument. Also...did you even look at my sorouces? They support my argument and thats why I posted them, so if you don't want to look incredibly stupid and actually have a chance at convincig someone, you might want to take a look at those before you rebut my argument.
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  9. Boredie

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    In your previous post you wrote:
    And that is not so. I was referring to that part of your statement. The authorization of killing of innocents. Hasn't happened.

    Have you not watched the 2nd video in the OP. It explains it there.

    Is it not? If Hamas wouldn't steep low and terrorize Israel there wouldn't be any need for a blockade. Please read the quote at the bottom (Col. Richard Kemp) who explains exactly what the IDF did during the last operation in Gaza.

    A. I'm not trying to convince anyone. I'm having a debate. Keep your opinions and I will keep mine.
    B. I say again, have you not watched the 2nd video in the OP? It explains it in a nut shell. First watch it, and then I'd be very happy to go through it with you, section by section.
    C. I know the history of this region from the creation of the world, and the reason the situation is the way it is currently, is because of lies, distortion and cowardice (hiding behind civilians).

    Here is a quote from Col. Richard Kemp about Operation Cast Lead:
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  10. Tucker

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    I don't draw a line between Jews and Arabs as much as I do between the hawks and the doves of both sides in post-1948 Middle East power struggles. In that dichotomy, you will find me always on the side where I believe the true martyrs Sadat and Rabin would stand.

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