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To jump or not to jump?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
To jump or not to jump. That is the question..

So do you? Will you? Where?

Well since I started this. I will go first.

Anywhere I can with anyone who wants to come with me.

I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane 43 times. And I never get tired of it.

A few years back we did water landings where you cut the shute at 200, 150 of 50 feet from the surface and freefall.

Now that is a blast! What a rush..So far I have cut the shute at 125 feet.
And let me tell ya it's a bit rough on the butt and back but fun none the less.

So how about you?

And yes i'm a Adrenaline junkie! Anything fast to do something stupid is my motto! Go big or go home. :lol:
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Wow 43 times! Wow!

You ever planning to visit Colorado anytime soon or did all your buddies move with you? :)

I like doing crazy things but I usually am the type that needs some motivation first lol! Craziest I plan to get this summer is some mountain biking on actual mountains but that's it for me.

I haven't lived here long enough to soak in enough adrenaline for the more extreme things like cliff climbing although that does look super fun. I saw some people climbing over in Garden of the Gods a few days ago and it looked like they were having an awesome time until it started raining on them. :D

Speaking of rock climbing, you ever do any base jumping? My guess would be yes?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I did a bit of climbing but it wasn't fast enough for me..So you are enjoying the garden?

I plan on coming out late this summer to see my aunt purple (if she doesn't come out here first). I'm taking my boards with me.

I was gonna ask ya if you were up to boarding the garden.

So when you gonna get a mountianboard? It's gerat on the sik slopes in the summer.

I only went base jumping once and we got in 2 jumps each before the law put a stop to it..But if was well worth the 300 fine ;) :D

Oh hey! As soon as I get the time I have a video of me and my black cat surfing the hills out here..

He rides the nose of my big 57 board. It's a trip to see.We almost caused a few car crashes when people turned to see us go by them. My cat Van is areal trip. He even likes water..Gonna try the beach next week.
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Other than bungee jumping or jumping from a bridge into the water that is about it that I have done jumping wise. I would love to try skydiving some day.


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Give me a really compelling reason to jump out of a plane and I will. Otherwise, take a flying leap on your own!


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43 times?! Wow! I think that once I take the jump, I'll be hooked too. It's just that intial leap that is terrifying.

Do you have to land a certain way when doing water landings? I thought that if you landed wrong, you could break your legs or back.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Yes 43 times solo, and 4 tandem. :nod:

Oh, Hi all. :D

Yes you have to drop a weight right before you hit and you do the "Preachers seat" on entry.

On my secont time I twisted in the water and pulled my back and rib muscles bad. Hurt for weeks.

I would only recomend water landings if you have over 25 solo jumps, and then I would still do a group water landing first. Never jump by yourself.

If I get my way this year i'm going jumping in july for my B-Day
Halo jumping if I had my way :D