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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by FutureTrackStar, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. FutureTrackStar

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    I have just realized something. First is the fact that nobody begins life with the firm belief that God exists as a being who interacts with our universe. This means that nobody "becomes an atheist" (as some other threads may suggest). This makes perfect sense, because ever since birth we have been perceiving reality (and nothing but reality). We have learned language and communicated with other people. Thus, there seems to be absolutely no reason to believe that there exists a person who created the universe and is infinitely wise and powerful and Good...

    ... that is, until you meet Him.
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  2. Bananas

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    I think no reason depends on your idea of reasoning. People usually only believe in stuff like this in their search for salvation to escape the primordial fear of death. Maybe that alone is good enough reason to believe in something we dont know to exist.

    If hes infinitely wise, powerful and good he has some explaining to do regarding his existence.
  3. Merc

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    Do you have any other point FTS outside of advertising God . . . again?

    Just because you think you've heard someone talking inside your head doesn't make it true for everyone. People are born without religious beliefs because it's something we are taught, not born with like skin and bones.
  4. FutureTrackStar

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    - If you met God you would think differently. He has communicated with us through a book called the Bible. Try reading it.

    - ... says the rebellious ant to the omnipotent king. He will do as He pleases. You should correct your attitude.
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  5. oxyMORON

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    I think that's exactly the kind of attitude they don't want you to have (referring to Bananas). If I were running an organized religion, I'd want you FTS, instead of Bananas any day.
  6. Smelnick

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    It is the religion section after all, lol. You make out like advertising God is a bad thing.

    I wouldn't say that I was taught to be a theist. I would say that my life situation drove me to theism as a way to hold onto my sanity. I had a pretty rough childhood, and if it wasn't for getting in with a church, and finally being with people who accepted me for who I was, and who weren't out to cause me harm and discomfort. I saw all these nice people and started pursuing what made them so light hearted and happy. Believing in God made the hardship in my childhood easier to bear with, gave me some hope and ultimately shaped who I grew up to be.

    That being said, I've always tried to wonder what my life would have been like had I not decided to believe in God. I don't imagine I'd be too much different personality wise, but I do imagine it'd be a lot darker, and I probably wouldn't have made the same good decisions I made. I pretty much see life as being pointless without God. So from that perspective, I would disagree with the being taught theism thing. I would say that lots of people are born, and grow up having a feeling that there might be something more than themselves guiding the events in their life.
  7. EllyDicious

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    sounds like you've met him beforehand, though.

    Bible?? why bible? i'd say Q'uran. [i'm muslim]
    who of us should people believe?
  8. FutureTrackStar

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    - As smelnick has pointed out, this is the religious section. Const, does my "advertisement"/defense of God bother you?

    oh and... :lol: I was not taught my personal beliefs any more than you were taught as a child that your parents were, in fact, your parents.
    - Quote right.

    - They should believe me because the Bible actually is God's Word.
    - haha well I'm not running an organized religion. I'm not even suggesting that Bananas give any money, or behave in any particular way, or do any kind of charitable act. I'm simply suggesting, for his own benefit, that he change his attitude.
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  9. MAgnum9987

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    God loves his children. He gave us this thing called "Human Rights." If people want to question God, he embraces that and hope some day they find the answer on their own.

    And again, the bible was written by PEOPLE who took a bunch of stories together that they happened to believe where true (namely the Old Testiment. Noah and all that fun stuff).

    Considering this and other things you have said about God, you have a fundamentally flawed understanding of the Nature of God then.
  10. EllyDicious

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    this answer is very strong, very philosophical, thoughtful, convincing ...and believe me, i'll start to read bible from now on..

    so this is how you come up with the idea of making people become theists?
    because they should believe YOU, God's son .. because you say so, because according to you bible is God's word..

    that's why i dislike religions, we would be 10 times better off without them. they are just brainwashing and each of them claims to be the truth, when in fact no one and nothing knows the truth.
    you seem to be a victim of bible, FTS.
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