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To act, or not to act?


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Staff member
Anybody else here like to act? i.e. in plays, short videos, movies maybe? I enjoy it a lot and have done a bit of everything. Nothing really professional but I've done plays as well as being in one independent film a while back,

It was fun though. I still like to do it but haven't really done any acting for a while. Trying to focus on other things right now but it's a hobby I will always enjoy.


Registered Member
I've never acted before but I've always wanted to try, I've always thought I would be a good actor. I act on a smaller stage all the time though cause I like to pretend to be someone else when I'm at stores and stuff.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've been told that I'm a good natural actor, but never took the time to pursue. I could do it for a small class project, or do stupid little impressions, but that's as far as my acting goes. I'm more of a writer.


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Just random things like pretend to be extremely country or just really weird in many different ways. I have done many different ones, just whatever comes to me and it can be a lot of fun. I like to act extremely stupid sometimes and ask the dumbest questions ever just to see their reactions and responses. However this wouldn't amuse everyone, I'm just slightly insane and have too much time on my hands.


New Member
I'd love to act, but I doubt I'd be any good. Get really nervous in front of new people etc. But ooh, it would be cool :)