TNA World Title Hunt


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I've been watching TNA consistently, and noticed that AJ Styles is still champion, how long do you guys think he's going to be champion for?

Do you guys feel he's been champion for too long?

I honestly wouldn't mind another champion in all honesty, but so far his heel gimmick has been real good during the past week, so it doesn't look the writers are ever going to take the title off him.

How many wrestlers are in the title hunt at the moment?

Samoa joe and The Pope, are the two people I can only think off at the moment.

There doesn't seem to be too many wrestlers who are involved in the title hunt.


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I don't mind seeing AJ with the title. I think he's a great champion and the longer he has the title the more meaningful it'll be when someone finally wins it from him. Plus TNA is getting a lot of new viewers at the moment who might not have seen the first few months of his reign and he's a great person to have as the face of the company.

As for people who i think could be challenging for the title this year: Joe, Pope, Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle are all over enough for title shots i think. Desmond Wolfe has the ability but current management doesn't seem to be pushing him. Abyss will definitely be getting a title shot within the next few months i think, Hogan loves him for some reason. Personally i don't think he's anywhere near good enough to be TNA champion.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah that's the one thing I never seemed to get. Hogans fascination with Abyss haha, he seems to be pushing him in the right direction, I guess.

Which could only mean big things for Abyss.

So at the moment we have the heel of the company which is AJ Styles, than who's the "face" of the company, if you know what I mean.