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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling On Spike TV! - Complete Results From Victory Road PPV

Controversy in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match involving Sting!

Read the results below...

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- In the opening 12 Man World X Cup Elimination Match, it was Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns winning it, beating Yoshino of Team Japan to put Team TNA in the lead going into the final Ultimate X Match later in the broadcast.

- A series of videos aired featuring Booker T at home in Houston, Texas, showing off his regal estate.

- In a Knockouts match, Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love, despite interference by Velvet Sky. After the bout, Velvet and Angelina double-teamed Gail and tried to paper-bag her, but Gail escaped the ring.

- Backstage, BG James and Lauren were with the fans that would participate in the Fans Revenge Match later on

- In a Grudge Match, "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt got the win over "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal after a quick roll-up. Dutt kept telling Val he loved her during the bout, and at one point Val asked Lethal to stop punishing Dutt. However, that gave Dutt the opening to beat Lethal.

- In the Fan's Revenge match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship, The Latin American Xchange defeated Beer Money. In the end, Robert Roode got dumped to the outside, where the fans lashed at him with the leather straps. Back inside, LAX double-teamed Roode with Homicide getting the pin to retain the gold.

- TNA newcomer Taylor Wilde surprised Awesome Kong by defeating her AGAIN to retain the TNA Knockout Women's Championship after Taylor used Kong's own weight to get the roll-up pin. After the bout, Raisha Saeed attacked Taylor and threw her back in the ring for Kong, who annihilated the Women's Champion with a piledriver. When Kong attempted a second pildriver on a steel chair, Abyss hit the ring to save Taylor! Abyss ended up nailing the Black Hole Slam on Saeed and then carried off Taylor.

- In the Ultimate X Match, Volodor Jr won the bout to give Team Mexico the win and the World X Cup. Kaz pulled off one of the most amazing moves in TNA history when he hit a legdro from the top of the structure on Daivari. However, by doing that Kaz cost himself the bout, allowing Volodor to pull down the red X! After the bout, Mike Tenay and TNA spanish broadcast Willie Urbina interviewed Team Mexico while a visibly upset Kaz watched on.

- In the Full Metal Mayhem match (as voted for by the fans on our website), the team of Kurt Angle and Team 3D beat AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Rhino after interference by Frank Trigg. AJ Styles had climbed a ladder to come down on Kurt Angle (who was across a table), but Trigg nailed AJ with a kendo stick. Angle hit Styles with an Olympic Slam through the table to get the win.

- In the back, Jeremy Borash interviewed Samoa Joe about the World Title match. Kevin Nash came in to wish Joe luck. Joe asked Nash to stay in the back for the title match.

- In the main event, it was an all-out brawl as Samoa Joe and Booker T went to hell and back. Joe and Booker both got busted open during the bout and were bleeding. Watching on, Booker T's wife Sharmell couldn't stand it anymore and begged for Joe to stop, then slapped him! In response, Joe smashed Sharmell's personal security. In addition, all of the TNA referees (minus Earl Hebner who was injured earlier) got annihilated by Joe, as the match got out of control. Security came in and couldn't stop Joe. Sharmell eventually got in the ring and screamed for someone to help as Joe choked the life out of Booker.

Just then, the lights went out and Sting's music hit! Sting tried to talk sense into Joe, but Joe gave Sting the finger! As a result, Sting smashed Joe with the baseball bat and stood there as Booker T covered Joe and Sharmell made the three count! Sharmell took the World Title from ringside and put it over Booker's shoulder as they left the arena! Joe was out cold in the ring as Sting left as well!

Is Booker T the new TNA World Champion? What will happen between Sting and Samoa Joe? Tune in Thursday on "iMPACT!" to find out!
It's weird hearing Booker T on TNA. It just doesn't sound right... @[email protected];
Watching on, Booker T's wife Sharmell couldn't stand it anymore and begged for Joe to stop, then slapped him!
Dot. Dot. Dot. Come one, Booker T and other wrestlers need to STOP bringing out their wives for matches. It makes the matches a little bit less special with them ranting and raving over there in the corner.


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That finish with Booker and Joe's match sounds retarded. I dont get it.
Yeah definitely crazy...sounds like it should have been a DQ earlier on. Booker should have won the belt (well he kind of did, lol).

The redeeming quality is this interesting twist with Sting.