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PPV TNA Turning Point


Where is my Queen?
Alright here is the full card for TNA Turning Point:

- World Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan.
- World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machineguns vs. Team 3D.
- X-Division Champion Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E.
- Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer.
- Mickie James vs. Tara.
- EV2.0 vs. Fourtune - Winning Team gets to Fire a member of the losing team.
- Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe
- Pope Dinero vs. Abyss - Fan Lumberjack Match

I guess I'll start with my picks even though I don't follow TNA much hope I do better than last month:

Pope over Abyss
Samoa Joe over Jeff Jarrett
Fortune over EV 2.0
Mickie James over Tara
Tommy Dreamer over RVD
Robbie E over Jay Lethal
Team 3D over Motor City Machine Guns
Jeff Hardy over Matt Morgan


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My picks:

Abyss over Pope
Joe over Jarrett
Fortune over EV2.0
Mickie James over Tara
Tommy Dreamer over RVD
Jay Lethal over Robbie E
Team 3D over MCMG
Jeff Hardy over Matt Morgan


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wasn't able to watch Turning Point, but I heard it was an alright card. I read that the match between Tara and Mickey James was really vicious, and one of the best women's wrestling match seen in a real long time.

Tommy Dreamer also broke his wrist in his match against RVD, and wrestled another ten minutes afterwards, pretty crazy.


Where is my Queen?
The woman's match was the best match I have seen since the Lita/Trish feud, overall it was pretty good. Had to watch the replay when I got home and it was decent. I am surprised that Jarrett didn't put over Joe though.

Blue - 3

Unity - 3

We tied this month, we could of done better than this.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Yeah, when the brawl was going on and fans were chanting "TNA, TNA!" during a knockouts match you know that TNA is doing something right with their female wrestlers.

The RVD vs Dreamer match was just INSANE...I didn't expect anything out of that match and it blew me away...really innovative. The things Dreamer did after his wrist break just blew my mind, awesome guy.

Hardy and Morgan was really entertaining. Not a match of the year candidate, but good stuff nonetheless.

Fortune vs EV2 was amazing. Every time Fortune's in the ring all at once they're incredible, throwing out signature move and awesome heel tactics. I wonder if Kendrick was really hurt, or if he's the one that's been feeding info to Fortune and Immortal.

3D and MCMG was a good match, both teams conveyed a lot of passion. It went pretty much as expected, nice to see a lot of signature moves from each Team 3D member.

I've given Robbie E a chance, but he really is "eh" in the ring. Not surprised he got the belt (even though I had picked otherwise)...I just hope they bring in a good, new, face competitor for the X-Division Title.

Jarrett vs. Joe went as expected, I didn't think Joe would get over Immortal this soon. But Jarrett cheated, of course, so Joe wasn't looking bad.

Pope vs. Abyss was a quality match with an awesome ending. Pope's friends (and brother) betrayed him as lumberjacks with a beat-down, b/c Eric Bischoff payed them off...gotta love it!
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