TNA to Run ECW Arena


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My prediction is that they'll be chanting TNA, just a guess. It could go splendidly and it could be a crash. I just feel like when looking at the WWE, and what it did to ECW, that TNA looks golden right 'bout now.


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I agree completely with BR on this one. The old fans are going to come and start the E C DUB chant. They're pissed the WWE ruined ECW. Give everything back to Paul Heyman and let him go to town.


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Sounds like why the hell not kinda deal.

Especially since its a house show. I say go for it and see what happens.


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I've heard people saying stuff like "they're gonna get booed out of the building" "they won't survive the ECW fans" and i really don't get it....

Why do people think that the ECW Arena is still full of 90's ECW fans? What, do they live in the building or something? The people that go to any TNA shows in the Arena will be people who bought tickets because they're TNA fans.

ROH films their HDNet episodes in the Arena and it doesn't get a crowd of people chanting for ECW every week. Chikara has filmed just as many shows there as ROH and people show up because they like Chikara! I don't see why TNA woud be any different.