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Pay-Per-View Results;


- The Pay-Per-View began with footage earlier of Kurt Angle arriving to the arena and announcing he would be unable to compete tonight, by doctor's orders, due to a neck injury he suffered in a recent match in Korea. Moments later, Scott Steiner arrived with Petey Williams, Rhaka Khan and brother Rick Steiner. Scott Steiner commented on Angle's announcement, then cameras caught Kevin Nash emerging from the same limo! After that, Jeremy Borash caught up with Samoa Joe, who was unaware that Nash had arrived with Steiner!

- In the opening quarterfinal match of the Deuces Wild Tournament, Team 3D beat Sting and James Storm to advance. In the end, Team 3D had set up a table and were going to put Sting through it (with Storm supporting Team 3D to do it). But 3D heard enough of Storm and walked away, allowing Sting to slam his partner through the table! Sting then left the ring - allowing Team 3D to get the easy win to advance.

- In another Deuces Wild Quarterfinal match, Rhino and Christian Cage beat the team of Booker T and Robert Roode after Rhino hit Roode with the Gore for the pin. After the match, a visibly upset Booker T shocked the world and double-crossed Rhino and Cage, smashing them both with a steel chair!

- The Latin American Xchange defeated the team of Kip James and Matt Morgan in a Deuces Wild Quarterfinal match. Morgan and James put aside their differences to attempt to win the tournament, but the LAX were too much for them as Hernandez got the win over Kip after Morgan inadvertently hit James with a big boot.

- Backstage, an irate Kurt Angle confronted AJ Styles over whether The Phenomenal One was seeing his wife Karen!

- In the final Deuces Wild Quarterfinal, the tandem of AJ Styles & Super Eric defeated BG James and Awesome Kong after AJ Styles got the pin on BG James with a small package. Awesome Kong certainly proved she could get the best of her male counterparts, taking the fight to AJ and Super Eric each time she got in the ring.

- Backstage, Rick Steiner was interviewed about coming to the PPV to support his brother Scot Steiner.

- Before the start of the TerrorDome match, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette announced that the winner of the bout would become the third participant in the main event for the World Title!

- In the match, Kaz won what certainly lived up to a death-defying, high-flying bout among TNA's X Division superstars. By escaping first and winning the match, Kaz not only becomes the new number-one contender to the X Division Championship, but he earned a shot at the World Title in the main event.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to interview Samoa Joe about the main event, but Joe went into a rage when JB asked him about Nash showing up with Steiner.

- Team 3D defeated Christian Cage and Rhino in the first of the Deuces Wild semifinal tournament matches. Cage and Rhino had Team 3D beat on several occasions, but it was Johnny Devine that cost Rhino and Cage the match when he brought out a kendo stick for Brother Ray to use on Rhino.

- The Latin American Xchange defeated AJ Styles and Super Eric in the second Deuces Wild Tournament semifinal when Hector Guerrero gave the assist to Homicide so he could pin AJ Styles as Salinas distracted the referee. LAX advances to the finals to face Team 3D to determine the new TNA World Tag Team Champions!

- Gail Kim won the first-ever TNA Knockouts Makeover match, earning a shot at Awesome Kong's Women's Championship. The bout came down to Gail Kim and Roxxi Laveaux, but it was Angelina Love (who had already been eliminated) that cost Roxxi the match. As a result, Roxxi had her head shaved!

- Backstage, Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash got into a heated argument over Nash's motives showing up with Steiner

- In the finals of the Deuces Wild Tournament, The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions! During the bout, Johnny Devine attempted to cost LAX the bout, but Hector Guerrero once again gave the assist to LAX to stop him by coming off the top rope and putting him through a table. Back in the ring, Hernandez hit the Border Toss on Brother Devon, followed by a frog splash from Homicide to get the win!

- In the main event of the Pay-Per-View, Samoa Joe defeated Scott Steiner and Kaz to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! In the end, Kaz had Steiner set up for the Flux Capacitor, but Steiner knocked him out of the ring. However, Joe took the opportunity to hit Steiner with the Musclebuster to get the win and retain the World Title!