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TNA reportedly suspends Matt Hardy


Lion Rampant
From rajah.com:

Matt Hardy stated last Sunday on Twitter that he would be receiving a few weeks off from TNA Wrestling.

He wrote, "Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I'm gonna have a few week off & I'm ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!"

According to PWInsider.com, company officials suspended Hardy due to continuously arriving late to events.

Hardy has not performed for TNA since the May 30 Impact Wrestling taping (air date June 2), which saw him lose to Crimson. He is, however, advertised to appear at this week's live events in Ohio and Indiana.
Jeez, I don't even know what to say. The bros, with all their trials and tribulations (but mostly trials), seem not too far away from being the new tragegy-prone Von Erichs. Is this the end of, pardon the expression, the Hardy dynasty?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I remember reading that Tweet and thought it was legit...now I'm not sure who to believe. With the history of the Hardys I wouldn't be surprised if the lateness was an issue. I'm disappointed because as people know - despite the fact that he's half crazy - I'm a fan of Matt's love for the business and the way he treats fans online. I was happy for him that he had finally cut some weight and his heel run in TNA was going somewhat well. I thought he'd eventually get a bigger shot, but not if he takes his spot for granted. I'm hoping his Tweet was honest, but you never know with those guys.

There's plenty of talent in TNA vying for the spot that Matt Hardy was given. So if it is a case of him not respecting that spot, someone else can move in.