TNA "Reaction"


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As I mentioned in the "former world champion makes an appearance..." thread, I listened to a radio show that featured Jeremy Borash as a guest.

On the show, he spoke more about the new TNA program that's coming soon called "TNA reaction." It actually sounds really good from what he said, it's supposed to be clips of wrestler reactions after they come through the curtain following a match/showdown, before matches, getting stitched up, etc. Sounds like a lot of shoot interviews and seems like a great idea to me. Instead of just reshowing clips of feuds, adding this element? I like it.

Thoughts? Will you be watching?


Change the World
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An update on the Reaction debuted last night.

Anyone catch it?

Millz and I both watched and both were loving the show.

It's basically a reality/interview show based on the just-ended edition of impact. It has raw-looking backstage interactions that the camera "catches," it has some great interviews about feuds (for example, interviewed MMG about their tag titles and the incredible match from impact), etc.

The show is produced my Eric Bischoff and (help me out on the name here) the guy from the wonder years that he's done reality shows with in the past.

It's a great show, and really new/unique to the wrestling scene. I advise giving it a watch.


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Yeah I really enjoyed this show...thought it was interesting.

It's a cool way to get to hear from their stars and further feuds.