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There is an impact spoiler in this thread so please dont click on that if you are watching the show tomorrow.

I purposively made the thread title generic so nobody would be tipped off...


Petey Williams lost a "loser leaves town" match at tonight's Impact taping in [COLOR=red! important][COLOR=red! important]Orlando[/COLOR][/COLOR], Florida, which is scheduled to air next week. Williams is legitimately finished with the company as he is being released.

In related [COLOR=red! important][COLOR=red! important]news[/COLOR][/COLOR], TNA is parting ways with Lance Hoyt/Rock as well.
TNA is expected to make more releases in the near future, but names have yet to be confirmed.
To add on...


-- It has been confirmed that Jimmy Rave has been released from TNA.

-- Regarding rumors of Eric Young being released, there is nothing to the story.

-- Some fans spotted Petey Williams leaving Orlando, Florida this morning sporting a new look. He shaved his head and goatee.
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I think that's a terrible move. Why fire Petey Williams? And the Eric Young rumour is also pretty ridiculous. They shouldn't be gettign rid of the younger talent that got them where they are and then keep bringing in ex-WWE/WCW superstars.

If it's a money matter, i wonder how much Scott Steiner is being paid? His salary could probably pay for a couple of the TNA "frontline" member's, and the guy can barely wrestle anymore.

I really think TNA need to get their priorities straight.


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I agree Wooly...

You wanna trim the fat and bring in new faces then dont get rid of the young faces!

Scott Steiner, Rhyno, Billy Gunn, and BG James all come to mind...get rid of them, not Petey Williams. Mind boggling.