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TNA is concerned about Jeff Hardly


Registered Member
F4WOnline.com is reporting that there is growing concern amongst TNA officials that Jeff Hardy might once again be dealing with past issues that plagued him during his last run with the company, and also lead to his release from WWE prior to debuting with TNA. It's being reported that Kevin Nash suffered a concussion during the cage match he had against Hardy when Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb on Nash's head.

Many backstage TNA officials believe that Hardy's work since returning to TNA has been sub par, with examples being that his promos are mostly babble and appear incoherent, his ring work is unusually sloppy and his behavior is erratic.
Not much of a surprise here. do they test in tna? the dude is probably on hella drugs right now

he gets to act his shit figured out....seriously


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Like you said this isn't such a big surprise, and personally I don't believe they test in TNA but I might be wrong. Hardy has been dealing with a lot of demons in recent years and I think the best thing for him would just to take some time off wrestling and find himself so to speak. Maybe even look for help.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This scares me, to be honest. I mean Jeff was out of the WWE for a week and they found a whole bunch of drugs at his house and now this.

I fear he's back to his old ways and he's drugged up like never before.