TNA "iMPACT!" thread for 04/19/10

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Unity, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Unity

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    below is 's preview for this week's post-Lockdown edition of iMPACT.


  2. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    Amazing iMPACT! absolutely brilliant!!

    Great opening promo with AJ, Hardy, RVD and Hogan to st up the show. Gotta give it to Hogan, he'll always be great on the mic.

    I love seeing the beautiful people hold every Knockouts title. They're awesome. So much more awesome since Angelina Love left, Velvet took over and Lacey Von Erich joined. Always nice to see Daffney in the ring. Unfortunately i heard she injured herself in a dark match on tuesday and she was taken to hospital. Hopefully we see her back in TNA sooner rather than later.

    Rob Terry making the save was hilarious. That guy cannot wrestle. he couldn't get Desmond Wolfe into a military press, and Desmond Wolfe isn't the biggest wrestler in the world! Then he fell over giving a big boot to Sting. Hopefully he keeps messing up and they stop pushing him

    Oh quick note, i love Bischoff's secretary Miss Teschmacher. i did have to chuckle for Bischoff's "great with DICtation" comment :p

    Jeff Hardy vs RVD = awesome!! What a great match. The crowd was really into it.

    The lethal lockdown rematch was very entertaining. Sting and Jarrett beating eachother around the iMPACT zone was brilliant. and then, well.... JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU! awesome!!! I was reading speculation about who the "big surprise" was tonight and i thought it was going to be Psycho Sid! I can't tell you how delighted i was when Joe came out!

    Then, well... RVD winning the gold on iMPACT. It doesn't get any better! Brilliant match, and when he got the 1-2-3 i couldn't believe it!

    What a great iMPACT. More of the same please TNA! :D
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  3. KSpiceFantastic

    KSpiceFantastic Haters gonna hate.

    I found that part a bit surprising (and also funny as you did). Rob Terry is a freak... freakishly bad at wrestling, but regardless. He made an interesting addition to the Team Hogan group (for now at least).

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