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TNA iMPACT Thread for 03/17/11


Living in Ikoria
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from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling On Spike TV!

This week on TNA iMPACT on SpikeTV at 9/8c:

- It's the aftermath of Sunday's Victory Road" Pay-Per-View event! Tune in for footage, results, updates and much more, plus news on the upcoming Lockdown steel cage Pay-Per-View from Cincinnati, Ohio.

- After Sting successfully defended the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Victory Road, who will step forward to challenge him for the gold? After a no-decision between Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam at Victory Road, who is the #1 Contender to the World Title?

- Plus, Jeff and Karen Jarrett have a stunning proposal for Kurt Angle!

- And Matt Morgan and The Beautiful People face Hernandez and new Knockout Tag Team Champs Sarita and Rosita in a Streetfight
I'm really interested to see what happens next with RVD/Anderson. A double count out sucks completely, but being unsure of who's the better man looking at Lockdown can be interesting. I'd be just fine with a 3-way cage match for the title. Otherwise I think Anderson would be the best choice since he attacked Sting during one of his promos recently.

Hernandez, Sarita, and Rosita look like they have a pretty cool Pro-Mexico stable or mini-stable in formation.

I wonder what's next for Morgan after fighting Hernandez? Will the feud continue? Will him or both of them go for the TV Title? And where the H is Abyss and that belt, anyway? If he's legit injured then just strip him of the title. Sucks having it off of the air.

I wonder if Hardy will be mentioned, I can't wait to hear what Sting has to say on the show.
So speaking about Jeff Hardy story-wise, I'm sort of interested in something: after what had happened, will they replace him with someone else as Immortal's "it guy?"
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Haters gonna hate.
I will be watching tonight, and hopefully they answer the criticism of the recent PPV. No further comment until I am pleased... haha.


Living in Ikoria
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I enjoyed the show last night, a few thoughts:

-Bully Ray has been busting his ass off lately, and deserves a little bit of prestige in his singles run...it's been great, IMO. I think the guy definitely deserves more credit than he gets for his overall quality as a competitor and performer. I don't think he's officially in Immortal yet, but I had guessed that it would make sense in a post somewhere around here recently. I think he'll get official membership even though he lost the number one contender's match, just for the sick and insane way that he assaulted AJ after the match. The powerbomb off of the stage was sold perfectly, and the acting by members of Fortune really added to everything. A feud between the two during this next month and at the PPV would really be cool.

-It would have made sense to have Rob Terry win the TV title and feud with Scott Steiner, but oh well. Gunner has a big chance to prove himself as a singles competitor, and it's really going to take some work to wow me and a lot of other fans. But I'll give him that chance. I'd rather see the belt going on serious mid card talent, though. Morgan vs. Hernandez would make sense, or using it to bring Eric Young back into the picture as a serious player would make sense (he's been hilarious but I want him to have that bigger shot he had with World Elite).

-I know that it's kind of a carbon copy of LAX, but Hernandez's new group (I think they're calling it Mexican America) should be fun to watch. I haven't looked the new guy up on Wikipedia yet because the page will often have spoilers from coming impacts that were taped...but cool to see some new blood. I would have rather had LAX just reform, and bring back Homicide...they could have had the new dude in as well, so I'm not sure why they didn't go with the recognizable name. It's all good though, I'm sure this is going to be a good group for the mid card.

-The beginning was pretty awesome, I like the way that they talked about Jeff Hardy...tough situation there but cool to see Hogan throw his belt out of the ring and say he's not good enough for Immortal and that anyone is replaceable, and cool to see Sting use what happened to say that Immortal took a good guy who put it on the line for the fans and messed with his life.

-After having what could have been the match of the PPV, it was weird not to see Matt Hardy on this impact. I'm sure he'll be on the next one with some prominence (at least I think so).

-I also hope to see some more development with Generation Me and Ink, Inc. next week