TNA "iMPACT!" thread for 02/25/10


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Don't forget - TNA "iMPACT!" moves to Monday nights starting March 8!

On Thursday night, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV at 9/8c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action

- The road to the "Destination X" Pay-Per-View event continues! Tune in for more news on the huge three-hour epic event taking place on Sunday, March 21

- What's next for the era of Hulk Hogan in TNA Wrestling? Tune in and find out!

- What will happen on the broadcast involving Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman? It all goes down on Thursday!

- Who abducted Samoa Joe? Will we find out more about the mystery?

- Plus, Thursday's event will feature more news on the huge March 8 live "iMPACT!" broadcast

All this and much more on Thursday's broadcast on SpikeTV starting at 9/8c

Kind of a lame preview, but I'm sure it will be a good show. I just wish they would have included match announcements for us to discuss! :sigh:


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Matches on the card (as far as i know)

* Doug Williams vs Rob Terry
* Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me vs Beer Money vs Matt Morgan & Hernandez
* ODB vs Daffney
* Rob Terry vs Mr. Anderson for the Global Championship
* Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss

I think these are the matches for tonight. I did my best to look at the spoilers without seeing the results! Not sure why Rob Terry has two matches in one night but we'll see! Love to see Mr. Anderson get his hands on the Global Championship. It's been a bit of a worthless title so far but he could really elevate it.

Wonder if we'll see "The Monster" Abyss returning this week against Desmond Wolfe. Hopefully we do see Abyss back to his old self. I'm not the biggest Abyss fan but old Abyss is definitely better than the newer Eugene-like Abyss.

The 8 man tag match is potentially a great match and i can't wait to see Daffney in action again. So glad they look to pushing her in TNA.

I hope the matches get good time anyways. The preview makes it sound like a very storyline heavy episode. Which i don't mind to a certain extent but as long as it doesn't take away from the wrestling side.


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Since there is no Olympic hockey tonight I should be able to watch this from beginning to end.

Weird Rob Terry is scheduled for two matches. I guess it would be one way to get to see what he's made of haha


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Yeah it's weird alright, i'm pretty sure they're the shceduled matches anyways! Maybe he suffers some sort of beat down at the hands of the British Invasion and is then forced to defend his title or something. I'd say it's pretty certain he's gonna split from the British Invasion after last week anyways.

I'm interested as to where this Samoa Joe thing is going. Also looking forward to seeing how TNA build towards Destination X. I'm surprised that Hogan and Bischoff are making this years event an all X-Division PPV, i didn't think their focus would be on the X Division, but i'm glad they're pushing it.


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pretty shitty start to the show...

pretty much just flair and styles yelling and making no sense
lol its more of hogans pals...

the Fatty Boyz...i mean nasty boyz
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Was able to watch the entire show last night. Where was the Pope? Or Daniels? I know Joe was kidnapped but they barely even hit on that.

I think putting Flair with Styles is awesome but Flair's opening promo was pretty bad. He was just yelling and sometimes he wasnt even saying words.

Nasty Boys lost...time to get them off television forever.

I still can't stand Ken Anderson.

One thing is for sure...Eric Bischoff is a dickhead. Poor Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett...or not...

Overall the show was fine. Nothing spectacular or terrible...somewhere in the middle.


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I thought this week's iMPACT was very bad. Last week TNA did everything right. It was an awesome episode. This week it seems like they did almost everything wrong! It was a huge step back from all the momentum they had from the past few weeks of excellent iMPACTs.

Shame some of the matches i thought were on the card didn't turn out to be right! I was looking forward to that 8 man X Division match. Still, Kaz vs Kendrick was entertaining and i'm so glad they're pushing Kaz. The rest of the matches were far too short and too many run ins/DQs.

The Nasty Boys need to go and Scott Hall (who is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time) needs to go. Surprisingly enough though i'm not grudging this match featuring Flair and Hogan. I know they're only doing it for the March 8th show and theyr're not gonna be regular in ring competitors. It'll be fun for nostaligia's sake.


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I just finished watching TNA, and thought it was a fairly good show to be honest.

Kendricks match was pretty awesome, that Kaz dude or whatever his name is, is one mean wrestler, the way he executes his moves in a big way is just awesome, he's now one of my new favs haha.

Anderson is still one of my favorite heels on TNA, perhaps the best at the moment, and his gimmick is just awesome, still got the mic thing going haha....loved when Angle smacked him on back with the chair lol. That rob terry is huge, he'd be awesome in WWE hehe.

That segment at the end of the Abyss match was cool, what an announcement, Hogan and Abyss vs Flair and AJ, that is just awesome, and the pop Hogan got when he announced he was going to be Abyss's partner was pretty awesome.

Overall, not that bad of a show, I certainly enjoyed it.


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I enjoyed the show...Ric Flair's yelling is what makes him an awesome heel, and an excellent heel manager. Him and Styles is so perfect, haha. I was telling Millz I'd love to see them form a "New Horseman" Stable of some sort...AJ, Flair, Daniels, and maybe Wolfe? Maybe another since Flair would be a manager? That would rule...

They mentioned that Pope's leg was hurt, like a Bruised quad or something, which worked in selling AJ and Flair's attack last week.

Kaz vs. Kendrick was awesome.

GREAT promo by Beer Money. Reminded me why they both rule so much.


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Didn't get to see the first hour of TNA, but the rest was very good.

Yeah agreed with you on the Flair/AJ thing going, they go well together hehe. AJ is doing a very good job as a heel, to be honest with you, I found him quite boring as a baby face.