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TNA iMPACT/ReACTION Thread for 12/16/10


Living in Ikoria
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from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling On Spike TV!

(Note: ReACTION starts a half-hour later at 11:30pm ET)

It's Total Nonstop Action every Thursday night exclusively on SpikeTV! Can't watch it Thursday? Make sure to set your DVR to record it ! Scheduled for Thursday's huge broadcast:

This Thursday night, the countdown continues to TNA Wrestling's January's "Genesis" Pay-Per-View spectacular

- The TNA X Division Championship will be on the line in a rematch as titleholder Robbie E with Cookie defends against Jay Lethal

- The TNA Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament continues with The Beautiful People vs. Mickie James and a partner to be selected by Eric Bischoff

- Plus, Rob Van Dam will be in action against the returning "Freak" Rob Terry...and so much more!

- Plus, what will happen between "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson as the countdown begins to their #1 Contenders Match at the "Genesis" Pay-per-View on Sunday, January 9?
I definitely hope that Jay Lethal takes back the X-Division title.

I wonder if Rob Terry's improved at all during his off-time, and what they'll want to do with him.
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Living in Ikoria
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Some of my thoughts on the show:

Really entertaining show, I thought. Interesting to see the Anderson/Morgan angle play out more, and I didn't mind Jeff Hardy's attempts at mind games (although he should have stopped at making Anderson wonder if Morgan had really left Fortune/Immortal...it doesn't make sense that he'd then try to get in Morgan's head right after).

The main event wasn't bad, and it looks like Kazarian got into Rob Terry's head about joining up with Fortune/Immortal. If he's going to be around, having him as a brutish heel is probably better than as a face. It made for an interesting end to the match.

The backstage segments were great this week. First, it was cool to see Magnus talking to Doug Williams...cool that he mentioned Wolfe, ditching Chelsea, etc. It wasn't bad seeing him acting friendly towards his old tag team partner. Second, Eric Young was hilarious. Wearing the actual TNA World Heavyweight Championship (he claimed that he found it in a trash can, lol)...and when OJ asked him how he got it, he said "Well it started as a boyhood dream..." After all of this, he went and got advice from Brian Kendrick, who was meditating in a room full of candles. I was cracking up.

Orlando Jordan, jealous of Eric Young's attention from Hooter's Girls that were hanging out with him, dressed as one during their match. Yeah, he needs to go. It was funny, but he needs to go.

Great to see Lethal getting the title back...there's going to be a 4-way number one contender's match on Impact next week, I think. It's going to have Kazarian vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E. Bischoff is commanding Immortal and Fortune to take all of the titles at Genesis, so I'm hoping Kaz gets the win here and at the PPV.

Probably not. Most likely a heel turn.
I was cracking up at this, since you were the only one to respond to my Spoilers thread. :lol: Rob Terry's actions on last night's Impact was one of the two spoilers involved, for those that didn't give it a look.


Haters gonna hate.
Rob Terry is bland and boring. Make him heel. TNA's Big Zeke.