TNA Impact Discussion: January 4th Hogan's Debut


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I think it's a good time to start discussing about TNA Impact on January 4th, the debut of Hulk Hogan on TNA and the debut of TNA on Monday Nights.

I'm going to try to watch this as much as I can, but my first priority is Raw.

Should be interesting to see what Hogan brings to the table on the first night.


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Its crazy how much more excited I am to see Bret Hart come back then I am to see Hogan haha. Although it'll be cool to see Hall, Flair and RVD (My predictions to show up)...and a couple other surprises could be in order as well.

I'll watch TNA the first hour but the second RAW starts I am switching over.
Aye, since TNA knows Bret is returning to WWE on the same night it makes me wonder what ELSE they got in store for the fans. Whatever they were planning before WWE announced Bret's return obviously had to be changed to something more worthy and amazing. What else can they do to keep fans watching TNA instead of switching over to RAW?

Sort of funny how WWE is actually making me want to see TNA even more now since TNA will have to step up their game. haha =)


The Rock is cooking atm..
Eagerly awaiting both shows to air.

Mind you in Australia, both shows come on at different times, so I got the best of both worlds.

RAW will come on wednesday, and TNA will come on saturday haha!

Brets return > Hogans return for sure, but I'm still going to watch both.


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I'll be watching this, and taping WWE for sure. I'm stoked....Bret Hart is exciting, but TNA needs the support.
I'm actually glad Scott Hall is coming back. I was a fan of his when I was a child and always wondered what happened to him. I should have just checked Wikipedia and seen that he was on TNA before. haha - makes me wonder why WWE didn't hire him back for some work. I mean, he is still funny, cuts good promos, laid back and seems to wrestle pretty good. Eh, at least TNA got um, that's good enough for me. =D


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The show was meh to me, most of the matches except the last one was pretty boring to watch. The promo's that Hogan shot was pretty entertaining but that's expected. I didn't watch all of it since I was mostly watching Raw, but it seems like Hogan really wants to change the look of the TNA, so we shall see what happens with that.

The ending doesn't surprise me, hopefully they don't go that direction again, meaning they bring back
NWO style stable


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Almost as boring as RAW. I was not expecting Jeff Hardy so that was great but other than that, they have subpar wrestling and Hulk Hogan's act has got some serious dust on it. I was expecting TNA to put on a show and all I got was, "Hey look at who we got! Hey, check it out, another dude! HOLY SHIT WAFFLES, another has-been! THIS IS AWESOME. THIS. IS T. N. A."