TNA Impact Discussion: April 26, 2010


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It will be very hard for TNA Impact to compete with Raw tonight since the Draft will be taken place tonight. But they've put decent product in recent weeks so maybe they can score another 1.0 rating.

Lots of interesting feuds going on TNA right now, we have a new champion. So it should be interesting show none the less.

Lets use this thread to discuss about tonights show.


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Agreed it will be tough for them to compete, but I'm sure they know that.

Even I, who's a HUGE TNA promoter right now, can't pass up a draft. I'll be recording and watching later.

Really excited to see RVD as champ, hope he gets a decent promo in. I just wonder if AJ will take his rematch at a PPV or if they'll promote a feud with someone else.

I'm also looking forward to more of Joe's return. Back and intense, Joe's always fun to watch.
Here's the actual preview of the show:

Reminder: Every Monday, Hulk Hogan brings uncensored Hulkamania to Sirius XM Radio at 7ET / 4PT with “Hulk Hogan Uncensored” on Howard 101

On Monday night, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV at 8/7c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action! Remember to set your DVRs to record TNA "iMPACT!" on Mondays and Thursdays!

- NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam will be on the broadcast! How will AJ Styles react to losing the gold?

- It will be the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. "The Monster" Abyss in a "Ring vs. Ring" match! Whoever wins gets both Hall of Fame rings!

- Samoa Joe is back in TNA Wrestling....what's next for the dominant superstar? Where has he been?

- Matt Morgan will defend the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Team 3D! Who will Morgan get to be his partner?

- The X Division Championship will be on the line as titleholder Kazarian faces "The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore

- Plus, Eric Bischoff will unveil the new unique TNA World Heavyweight Championship rankings system!

All this and much more on Monday's huge broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c
I had forgotten about Bischoff's new ranking system! Should be very interesting, can't wait to see it.
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Damn I really wanted to watch this episode but with the draft I'll probably have to catch it on Thursday. The show tonight seems like it'll be another good week in terms of story. The part of the show that I am most interested in seeing the most or wish to see the most is Joe telling everyone what he is going to do now that he has returned.
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Same deal for me. I am enjoying TNA alot but I have to watch RAW becuase of the draft haha

I'll be taping it and might watch it later tonight.


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Did you see his actual return last week?
I guess worded that wrong, it happens when I'm waking up. What I meant to say is I would have like to see some answers as to why did he return then, and what he plans on doing and if he could be challenging for the TNA championship.


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I guess worded that wrong, it happens when I'm waking up. What I meant to say is I would have like to see some answers as to why did he return then, and what he plans on doing and if he could be challenging for the TNA championship.
Yeah the preview I posted did tease an explanation as to "where' he's been."

Awesome to have him back, still exciting because it should be a lot of fun to see where he's been.
Post Script - I Still want to hear the answe to "Why Sting, why?!"
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Another good episode of TNA!

There wasn't anything insane, or spectacular that happened on the show but there wasn't one bad moment. It was an extremely solid show. Entertaining from start to finish. The Pope vs Anderson promo was probably my highlight of the night. Two great mic workers right there, and i'm REALLY looking forward to the build up to their match at Sacrifice.
oh and another thing i LOVED about this show, was the backstage segments. A lot of them were filmed with sort of... handheld camera, fly on the wall type shots. similair to RVD's quick little promo before his match with Jeff Hardy last week. They really gave it a real feel, especially Team 3D's segment with Jesse Neal backstage for example. They were acting as if they weren't cutting a promo... it's just really well done.

As for Bischoff's ranking system. I hope that after the fans vote decides the N0.1 contender there is some sort of rankings/league established. I thought they fans were deciding the top 10 but i just went on to and it seems they;ve already picked their 10:

Kurt Angle
Jeff Hardy
Mr. Anderson
The Pope
Jeff Jarrett
Rob Terry
Desmond Wolfe
A.J. Styles

I guess it's a logical top 10... well, except for Rob terry of course. I voted for Desmon Wolfe and it seems he's winning the poll with 27% of the vote! Jeff Hardy coming in at second with 22% and it looks like a 2 horse race so far. Awesome to see it continue like this and see Wolfe get a title shot!
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I just watched, what a great show. At the beginning, Hogan was fired up about was great. and RVD, what can I say?! He's so freaking awesome. Styles was great in that segment, he really does make an incredible heel.

I love the idea for the ranking system. I'm sure it'll be fan input mixed with their ideas, but the interaction on a regular basis is such a great idea. Maybe the current top 10 is just a starting point.

Pope was pimpin', as usual. I'll probably say that every week, lol.

I enjoyed the Sting/Styles vs. Jarrett/Hardy match. A lot of chaotic fun. Loved how Stinger used his bat to end the match!

I'm so glad Jesse Neal got a chance to shine, and the fans seemed to like it. I guess I'm a fan of his for a lot of reasons, including the fact that he was in the Navy (my Grandpa was in WWII, lol), and just the way he carries himself with an in-ring persona. He came across badass on impact.

Good to see my boy Syxx-Pac back, even if it was in a pool of blood haha. I'm so intrigued about Nash's angry proclimation that they'll bring a "3rd guy" next time (to even the fight with Team 3D since Pac was hurt). Old nWo guy? Someone new? Can't wait until next week's impact.