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PPV TNA Final Resolution 12/05/10


Haters gonna hate.
This PPV is going to be either great or crap... but I may have said that already.

The show will open with Ink Inc. and Beer Money.


Where is my Queen?
On paper this looks like this is going to be a good PPV but we shall see. As always TNA PPVs always look good on paper and it is usually a hit or miss. Usually misses though.


Haters gonna hate.
Watching it now! Decent opening match with Ink Inc and Beer Money. I will post my thoughts on the PPV tomorrow!

My thoughts... Great first two hours, while the last hour slowed to a halt for me, including the main event.

Match of the night: Easily Williams v. Styles. ****1/4.
Great match, with the two best wrestlers in the company. Yeah I went there.

Dud of the night: Abyss v. Pope. ** AND Jarrett v. Samoa Joe **
Nice storyline. Bad execution. Repeat for both of them.
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