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TNA officials are in talks and negotiations with Amy Dumas, better known as Lita, to appear on Spike TV in the fall. Officials within the company would also love to sign Trish Stratus although they believe internally that they have a better chance fulfilling a deal with Dumas.
Most likely at the very least, TNA is aiming for a short term deal with her. Although Lita has not really expressed interest in returning to the ring, she recently said on a radio show that she could see herself doing it for a "brief stint".

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I am not sure if tna should be scooping up fired and quit talent out of wwe like they have been doing.

Also incase you have not heard tna matched kurt angles former deal with wwe of 2 million a year

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Lita was looking at quitting wrestling altogether from what I have heard she wasn't really happy in the business. Much like Molly Holly which saw Molly retire from the business. Lita made her return to the ring in England.

Angle was really set for MMA action, apparently when the WWE asked him to go home and rest and get his neck healed and himself in better shape to come back he didn;t take to kindly to this advice and wanted his release. This was on the back of a report that said he was the most likely to be the next to die (this was a report done after Eddie's death.)


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I doubt she'll be going there. Her band is apparently getting good now so I think she'll wanna do some work with them.