Tkachuk to Atlanta

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Forbidden v2, Feb 25, 2007.

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    -claps- Good job Atlanta. I wanted him for the Leafs but since the Trashers are one of my favourites in the league I guess it's alright. Big shock here. I think they gave up a little much though with the first and third rounders. I think it should have been at the most a second and a lower pick. But this is a good move for the young team when they get into the next level. They will actually have some experience now on their team which will really help the developing Trasher team. Good move for them and the Blues got a good deal. I mean they are building for the future after signing Legace and Brewer yesterday and now getting these picks and the younger player involved. Good move on both sides.
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    It looks like the Trashers really want to win the Cup this season, they've added a few good players, now they add Tkachuk, he's a very good player when motivated, and he's going to help this young team in a lot of different ways, especially leadership. Great addition for the Thrashers.
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    This was a good deal for both teams but the Trash deffinately benfit a bit more than the Blues because with the stretch run of the Traash deffinatly on the horizon they needed a vet to provide a little leadership to the guys in the room and also to provide the team with some scoring on the bench a little. But the Blues get picks to try and develop a young team which it seems like they are trying to start. Best move for both teams I have seen all year.

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