Title Defense Every 30 Days?


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In the WWE, I recall a rule thats says each title needs to be defended at least once every 30 days. What happened to United States Championship and World Tag Team Championships not being defended for a LONG time?


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haha yeah that is the supposed "rule" but they never live by it unless they use it in storyline purposes.

Dr. Rockzerz

I think this rule isnt enforced. SD barely has any tag teams to defend the tag titles. I dont understand how Cade & Murdoch havent defended the titles since September. RAW has many teams for them to defend the belts against.

The only time they enforce it, is if its a big title. Thats what i would assume.


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It depends how does the storyline go, and if they think that the fans like the current title holder and he brings in money, they don't follow this rule. But that's just my two cents.


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Well, they probably want to but the storyline does probably take them ages.