Titans asked for police help to find QB Young


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Aww, I had high hopes for him this year. I hate the Titans though because they beat my Jags :(. Vince'll be back if they make the playoffs.


The return shall be legenday!
During practice the Titans coach was talking to Vince Young privately, but no one knew what it was about. Reporters was speculating Young injury was worst then expected, but Coach Fisher wouldn't disclosed any information about the situation. Didn't think anything about this when I read it this morning. Now thinking about it after reading the article Babe Ruth posted it makes me scratch my head a bit. Hopefully everything is alright with Young. He's quite the treat to watch.


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I like that, because he left his home without a phone they freak because they can't get a hold of him? Really?
I read the thread title thinking he was kidnapped or something.

I'm glad to hear it's nothing of that nature but if he is/was depressed it's sad because he has such an awesome career.


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I was reading an article on ESPN or some news site that said his therapist was worried because he was talking about suicide and quitting the NFL.

I hope he does what makes him happiest.