Movies Titanic Sinks from #1


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Titanic is no longer the #1 highest grossing movie of all time. Avatar has knocked it down a peg. It should definitely stay at #2 for a long time though if you ask me. Even the Avatar sequels would be hard pressed to make nearly as much as the first. By then this 3D technology will be more mainstream and less people will go back again and again for the "experience".

But then again Avatar was only supposed to make around a billion according to initial estimates. I guess a lot of people were very wrong.

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There's a cool site I have been using to keep updated on this. It looks like Star Wars: A New Hope is actually still the official highest grossing movie ever if you account for inflation, which I think is a fair way to rank these.

Technically, based on the same economy from 1977, Avatar only made $352k. Titanic made just under a billion with inflation factored out.


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The plot that Avatar recycled really does not deserve the success that it has grossed, but I cannot argue against the facts.

I agree that Titanic is fine within the number two slot, but I am also delighted at hearing that Star Wars is still there. =)