tis better to give than receive, but when you receive....

When you receive?

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Son of Liberty
would you rather get just 1 gift that equals 100 dollars or multiple gifts that would equal 100 dollars?


Lion Rampant
Huh, dunno why no one's answered this.

In my family we have a tradition of making sure that everyone gets at least ten gifts. It doesn't matter if most are five bucks each, as long as some are cool and we all get the pleasure of multiple unwrappingasms.

On a side note, thank you for not misspelling 'receive.'

It's "except after C," you booger-eating buttchimps! *slaps world*


Living on the 0th floor
I would probably rather open multiple gifts that equal 100 bucks. I like random junk no matter how useless it is. =) I love the thrill of just everyone having a huge pile of gifts to open.


Staff member
I think I'd probably get multiple as long as they were things I could use. 1 worth $100 is nice too though but for Christmas or a birthday I'd rather have more gifts than just 1 assuming they weer worth $100 either way.


Sally Twit
Definitely multiple gifts. I like silly things and gadgets so I'd be more excited having lots of small things to open.


Son of Liberty
First of all thanks to whoever added the Poll... originally as I was threading this I was driving (illegal in cali to do hahaha I'm such a criminal). So I finish the thread and my phone starts ringing before I can submit my poll. So yeah the intent was there but other factors caused that failure.

Me personally I'd rather have the multiple gifts. I cant say my family enforces the "10 gift" rule, but even still I usually make a point to always give the multiple gifts rather than 1 "big" one. Mostly 'cause thats the way I'd want it, lmao for instance I've seriously gone out and bought about 10 slinkies and every kid (plus my 30 year old cousin) will be getting a slinky for christmas :hah:

On a side note, thank you for not misspelling 'receive.'

It's "except after C," you booger-eating buttchimps! *slaps world*

Tucker you may not have noticed yet but I am in fact an English nut :hah: Its not often I slip and misspell a word. So you are welcome my dear friend, very welcome (and quite frankly I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows "I before E except after C" :thumbup:)


I am the edge!
I'd like to receive one bigger gift and a couple of smaller ones that add up to $100. That way I get the excitement of opening multiple presents, but get at least one really nice thing.
One gift. I don't want a bunch of cheap clutter that'll be in my room collecting dust. I'd rather have one item worth $100 that'll collect dust instead of multiple items. ;)

*opens gift to see a video game!*


*opens gift to see a stuffed animal*
*opens gift to see a toothbrush*
*opens gift to see a plastic cup*
*opens gift to see a gift card to In N' Out*
*opens gift to see a handmade card*

I'd take the expensive game, please.