Tiresome Facebook Applications

Just when I thought Facebook applications cannot get more inane, here comes one. What candy are you? A cotton candy, a lolly pop or a sour patch? Grr... Everyday, I get invites for at least a dozen of these types of quizzes. Look at the soul-searching questions they ask in order to match me with a candy... "How many people are your friend" (Apparently, this app was written by someone whose proficiency in English matched his intellect)... and then this other one, "Do you have a crush?" (a couple of options here, Yes!!!, Yeah... I have 50 and Mabye). Seriously, I am not making up that last bit.

Facebook had about 16,000 apps a year ago... I don't know how fast the mutation has been since. How many do we really use or value? Most of these are nag-ware. Do you want to water the tiny green patch belonging to so-and-so, would you like to gift a bouquet to your friend, who do you think has better hair, A or B? What animal are you? (Well.. I don't want to be one in the first place).

I think Facebook should have some filtering or monitoring mechanism for these applications. But, sigh.. the social networking model trusts the users to promote popular apps and kill the useless ones. So, until these die a natural death, I guess I have to put up with their nagging presence on my home page.

How useful do you think these apps are? Or even fun?


A Darker Knight
I think those quizzes were kind of interesting at first, meaning way back when it first started. it got old fast. It's just one of those fads. I dunno about your friends, but hardly any of mine have done quizzes in ages now.

I rarely accept invite from any apps anyways so I don't have to worry about ones that will keep feeding you random crap. If I do somehow accidentally accept, Ii just go to my applications settings and delete all the ones I don't want.