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Tipsy Elephants on the rampage


Free Spirit
Staff member
WEST MIDNAPORE: When human beings get tipsy, they either speak gibberish or land up in a brawl. But when elephants get high on liquor, they end up wreaking havoc.

Such was the sight at Dumurkota village where a herd of 50-odd inebriated jumbos ransacked three houses and damaged paddy crops on Sunday. The strong smell of Mahua drink drew the elephants out of the forest and they raided the shop selling the drink. The herd wasn't happy even after guzzling down 18 containers of Mahua and ransacked the adjoining huts in search of more.

Tipsy jumbos on the rampage

This is funny but if I had a bunch of elephants ransacking my house I probably would of found it a little scary. Glad no one was hurt including the drunken elephants.

Wonder if they saw pink elephants or do elephants see pink people?
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