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Hey Fellow FC members

Give me some tips how to became a good poster here and to keep less spamming

All Tips are welcome



For a Free Scotland
Well generally in posts collect your ideas, in MD particularly I see you jump around, but never really settle on anything in particular. I'd also recommend not posting in every single section unless you're sure that you can be effective in them all.

Occasionally you necropost (revive very old threads), I tend to view this as spamming personally. Also reading the thread (both the beginning, and in longer threads, the previous few replies) and making a post out of that will help as well.

Your posting is generally good, just too pervasive and spread out. Concentrate on putting more in each post them getting replies to all the new threads.

Especially in MD, make sure you post well written and well thought out responses, explain what you mean, if it's something that could be confusing or ambiguous. I agree with Kaz... read through as much of a topic as you can before you post, and refer to the previous posts in your post. There's nothing wrong with posting everywhere, but only post if you actually have something to say, a reply that just says "I don't know anything about this topic" doesn't add anything. You have been a good poster here, and I like how frequently you post... just spend a little more time on each of your threads, and you'll go from good to great.