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Tips for building a high quality ropes course?


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I am planning on building a ropes course soon and was wondering if anybody knew of any suppliers that sold high quality parts and equipment that I could use for this.

I could use things like monkey bars, high quality rope/nets, etc. I know where I can buy good wood but I need ideas for everything else.

I might be able to make a lot of it on my own too but I at least want to price things out first. Does anyone know of any companies that supply city park grade playground equipment? I'm sure some of that stuff would work well for what I want to build.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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I don't really have any tips, I just thought this was a cool idea that I have never thought of before and wanted to let you know that I liked it!


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If you need stuff like climbing ropes, harnesses, etc, go to REI. I know they have everything you need for rock climbing or building a climbing gym. I don't know where you can get playground equipment. Where are you building this?


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You have to replace the cables once every 5 years no matter what they look like. When cables are exposed to the weather they get weakened. You also have to make sure to use the trees that are healthy and not rotting in any way or show ny signs of being dead.