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GameBoy Advance Tips and feats on Emerald


New Member

These are some helpful tips on pokemon emerald:

Catch everything you see.

Altaria and Milotic only take 600k exp to get to lvl 100.

Wailord and Breloom take 1640k exp to get to lvl 100.

Here's something vague but valueable: it is possible to clone pokemon (Emerald only). It doesn't take a gameshark either. Hehehe...

Here are my feats which nobody cares about...

I completed the Hoenn dex.

I almost completed the national dex.

I have a deoxyss and mew.

I know how to clone... and make bogus rare candies and masterballs.

I have a silver trainer card and three silver battle frontier symbols.

I probably bored you to almost death, so my article is over.
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