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I'm hoping that this hasn't already come up!

How does everyone define time, itself? Do you think it's a human invention? Or perhaps one of the building blocks of the universe, and part of the scientific laws that govern reality?


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Time is the relative measure of motion based on a static point of view using artificial units as a means of coherence.



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What Coherence said.

I'd also like to add that you can't travel in time. The only thing that actually "exists" is the current moment.


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ScubaSteve said:
I'd also like to add that you can't travel in time.
Time dilation allows for time travel into the future. Basically, if you were to hop on a space ship, and travel really fast, you would age slower than would people on Earth.

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Time doesn't exist. Clocks exist.
Time does exist. What do you think clocks measure?
This has been discussed before on this board, incidentally, and I said then that people are prone to say that time is nonexistent due the term not referring to a material object, but who actually means for it to? It more-or-less refers to the phenomenon of things changing, which is an existent phenomenon, by virtue of the fact that things do change.

Also, if there is no time, then I should assume that this post will never be posted, because I am currently writing it.
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Does time exist in the afterlife, if you think there is one?

Will humanity ever understand time better than we do now? Will we ever be able to escape its effects?