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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by andrew_bishop, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Now im a die hard hockey fan and I love the game. It's become a part of me and I love seeing nothing more than a big hit in a game but last night's hit by Cam Janssen was just plain cheap. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the hit was about 5 seconds to late and it should not have been done. Janssen says he was only finishing his check but really how slow is the guy to hit somebody that late? He didn't even get a penalty which is really what steams me. The god damn NHL buts the sh!t of systems in where they try and protect a guy by not letting somebody touch them with their stick but when something like this comes up they don't give a intention to injure or roughing or elbowing or anything to the guy. COME OFF IT. Geez the refs are morons to not know that the hit was late and all they had to do was see a replay and they should have given Janssen a 10 minute misconduct and the game.

    Then the NHL goes and gives him three games. 3 stinking games for one of the cheapest hits I think we'll ever see in this league. 3 games is nothing to the guy. He loses $7000 about that in salary and it just sends the message that what he did was alright and if your willing to pay a small penalty its more than dueable. Well sorry guys but im not going to sit back here and just accept the hit. Gary Betman is an idiot and he is the last man that should be in charge of the NHL. He needs to send the message to all the players that hits like this do not belong in the game and that there is no room for bull like that. Also see to it the refs get something for not calling anything. A blind monkey could have seen that and called it right.

    Now my opinion might be a little biased because well lets face it im a die hard leafs fan but none the less it was cheap. No two ways about it , it was cheap and it should not be tolerated. If we had somebody good in place of Bettman maybe then we'd have a system where minor checks are fine and these hits are dealt with but until then I don't think the NHL will realize the seriousness of this hit.

    What are your thoughts and please hold nothing back. Were allowed to speak whatever we want as long as it is within context.

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    We all know the Jansen is nothing more than a bully who cheap shots every teams star player. I agree that things are getting nuts when tripping penalties are called when a player falls by accidental collision and the obvious intent to injure stuff goes uncalled. Bettman claims the new rules are supposed the protect the players but which players are being protected; the goons or the skilled.

    Don't get me wrong, this game is aggressive by nature and should be but players like Jansen and Brashear are being payed to be on ice hitman. There is a difference between being an enforcer and being a player intent on injuring. It's players like Jansen that give hockey a bad name.
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    It's people like Janssen that drive people away from the game. Its people like him who really piss me off because there are guys that are working their butts off in the minors and who would kill to have the chances that he has in the league. Bettman is an idiot. Plain and simple. Without him and his new wave of crap over the NHL we'd have a much bigger fan base one that would see many teams get more money for their teams and not have to possibly re locate. He was behind the lock out a few years ago and his new style of NHL is ruining the game and whether he likes it or not he will soon be gotten rid off. I mean if it was up to me Janssen would be gone period. That was to cheap of a hit to have somebody do and when the leafs face the devils again tempers will flair but really I think the only guy that will be hit hard will be Janssen because I saw the Devil bench they didn't like the hit and neither did the fans. You could tell that its just Janssen that did what he thought was best.

    Bettman your ruining our game and I for one am sick of it. Can any real hockey fan disagree with me? If there is a real Devil fan on this site please message with your thoughts on the hit. Nobody is going to be blamed for this and thats what's really ticking me off. Janssen won't accept the fact that he did wrong and the league since it is being run by a moron has to accept the hit and just go on with their business. What a crock if you ask me. An enforcer finishs checks but a guy like Janssen is well yes a hitman. He's out there for the star players and that's not a style of hockey. You wanna do that go play somewhere else because the NHL don't need it.
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    During the 2nd intermission during the Pens/Flyers game on NBC today they discussed the hit. They all agreed that Jansen should have gotten a lot worse punishment than 3 games and I agree. Jansen could play his style of game without a stick. Guys like Jansen need to be kicked out of the NHL.
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    Guys like Janssen need to be given a taste of their own punishment. It's hits like that which have made players go down for awhile and end careers in a hurry. Janssen needs to be given a bloody shot from Tucker or somebody on the Leafs and he'll feel what it's like. 3 games for this is a joke. A cruel joke. The NHL can get rid of a guy for a clean check but when it comes to a nasty hit what do they give him? A free pass basically saying that a small price is to pay to help get rid of the talent filled players left in the game. Guys like Janssen should not only be banned from the NHL but hockey everywhere. Hockey don't need sh!t from guys like him and if I had any say in it Janssen would be gone for good. Bettman is just to afraid to do something right. Nobody will really say the fact of the matter is that the hit was cheap and late and needs to be hasitly delt with. It's hits like that , that have ruined out game and made it fall to the depts that it is at today. Janssen I hope your willing to pay the price next time you face the Leafs. You'll see exactly what its like to "finish a check" or "talk smack" to one of the toughest guys around Darcy Tucker.

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