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Time To Help!


Registered Member
Most of us on here are trying to make money for one reason or another. But it seems so right to reach out and help others who need it also.

So I am proposing this:

First off, if you have not read Mina's thread I'm so worried, you need to.
Second, her son is pretty sick and if it weren't for the doctors he'd probley be a healthy child today! Mina is trying to make money to buy a small portable nebulizer for her little one, so he can get around better and do more things.

I myself think it would be great if we could all help her get this for her baby!

My suggestion:
I suggest that we have a mystery Auction in her honor! Everyone who can pertispate could send the Auctioner something of value, something new, something to fill the box. We then put this stuff on auction!

I would be glad to post the Auction, HOWEVER, I have NO experience with a Mystery type auction. If someone would like to help me along with this that would be great, OR if someone else who has had success with this would like to be the person to post the Auction that would be great too!

If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to get this going, or make it easier and better, please POST!



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Count me in! You are a DOLL Msbabe -- i LOVE the idea!!! i just read that thread last nite & it brought tears to my eyes... not sure what kinds of "new" things you have in mind, but i have quite a lot of "old" (antique) small treasures that i could pick a little something neat to add? (i'm really, really shy on $$ right now, and have already got $19,500 in debt for kids' college loans to-date with no end in sight yet) but if you'd like it to be all new stuff, just tell me some ideas ok, like what kinds of things etc. yeah, gotta get someone to do it up that knows the ropes for the mysteries...Great idea girl - u rock!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all . Count me in if you really want to do this. I can donate some comics and other stuff. It's a good idea. Didn't do to well on my mystery auction but glad to help. If you need some goodies for the auction let me know.
Till next time................... :warp:


Registered Member
This is GREAT! I tell ya what I do need is someone to either help me with this or volenteer to post the auction. I have never done the Mystery type auction, but there is always a first time! Also, I have no home computer, so that might be a problem when answering question and things.....I do all my stuff here at work.

SHHHHHHH dont tell! ;)


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Ok, count me in also....when you get the details figured out, PM me or somthing and I'll be glad to donate something, don't know what, but sick kids always get my help...always.


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You've got my PM so just let me know. I'll have my laptop on vacation next week so it's doable for me while I'm gone.


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Ok that is great!! Let me think of it tonight on how we need to do this and all and tomorrow maybe everyone can email me what you have you want to donate to the box.

And like I said, I am VERY open for any suggestions on this venture!

This is going to be cool watching an auction we all put a little something into! :)


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Yeah I would love to see the look on her babies face when he can get around better!!

Ok that is a great title,but with one problem......Ebay would probley pull it because it runs in the catagory of "charity". I had the word help in my title and in my auction and they pulled it BOTH times! We got to be clever enough to get in what the mystery box is for, but to not get it pulled from Ebay........hmmmmmmmmm........

Sounds like a REAL challenge!


Registered Member
You definately can't use the word "help" or "donate" or they will cancel it for being a charity auction for sure.