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Time to buy Google stock?


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I was just looking at the Google stock chart from the last 6 months and it looks like it could be very Bullish soon.

It hit just below $450 per share in Feb 06, and then dropped as low as $345 or so in late February as well as late March/Early April. Then it went up to almost $450 in LATE April/Early May 06 only to drop to about $375 in June.

Now, earlier this month it was up to about $425, and it's now dropped to $390. Looking back, it SHOULD be on the up-rise again, but with all of this talk about the big "Adsense Click Fraud" lawsuit, it may take longer than we think to go back up. It's been a highly controversial and hard to predict stock ever since it went public, but it's also been predicted to meet its' 1 year target estimate of just under $500.

The big question is easy. Can they pull it off? What are your thoughts on Google right now and in the future through the rest of 2006?



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Google's a strong company. Unfortunately, it's too rich for my blood. If I had it to spare, I'd probably make a move soon.


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I have to admit not to know much about stock trends, etc, but Google does seem to be making a lot of moves toward expanding their business now. The google wallet thing opened, buying youtube, making that ad deal with MySpace...


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GOOG: Basic Chart for GOOGLE - Yahoo! Finance

I was just looking at the Google stock chart from the last 6 months and it looks like it could be very Bullish soon.
Just one side note, and one question....
Sidenote: I have had a LOT of trouble with Google's gmail for more than a week now... mail is taking sometimes 6 to 8 hours to be delivered to various locations, so I know it's on their end. They used to be very good with the gmail without any problems. It concerns me a bit when things start going downhill.

Question... Google stock is rather expensive... what's the least number of shares that could and probably will make a difference? Would 20 shares just be laughable even considering it's more than $400 a share? (or was, at least) I guess what I mean is does one need hundreds of shares of anything to be a real player?


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I've heard it's an excellent time to invest more in google, I keep debating getting some shares myself - would love to know the answer to katharina's post as well, as I'm not too certain ;)


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Did anyone almost invest when they first went public and change their mind? I didn't, thank goodness, but have a friend who did and is kicking herself.


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I dont no much about the google stock but it seems that there having a good go at making things better.
Ive never invested into any stock but i think google would definatlybe a good investment!


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Based on what Jim Cramer says, Google should reach 600. However, you need to be holding on to your pants with the wild swings. I think the overall market will not allow Google to get there this year.


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I'd love to short this stock and ride it all the way down, but I think Google has a long way to go before missing an earning.